Sep 07 2012

Signtronix – Understanding The Importance Of Failure Part 1

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By Buddy Swisshelm


In all endeavors failure is part of success; it is often the most important part. It is necessary to bring about change. It is often the pinnacle that starts us in the direction of success

The Ingredient of Failure

In every success story I have ever read there is the ingredient of failure.  In fact without the failure, the success would never happen.  If failure was left out of the event, the actions which brought about the success would not have ever happened.

It is the catalyst that brings about change and drives us to do what we thought was not possible.

The Role Failure Plays

  1. Failure is often a precursor to their success.  “This must change.”
  2. Failure brings about the action to fix or change. “I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore!”
  3. Failure brings about the passion that is needed to have a decided heart. “I will not quit. I will succeed.”
  4. Failure helps us understand that me must persist.  We might fail 1,000 times to succeed only once. Read about Edison or Colonel Sanders.  “I will persist until I succeed, I will persist without exception.”

Failure Is Necessary

  1.  In sales, No is the most common ingredient in top performers.
  2. The top salesperson is the one who leads in No’s.
  3. No program includes selling everyone. The best baseball hitters get a hit 3 out of 10 tries.
  4. You must accept the No’s as part of getting to the yes!


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