Sep 10 2012

Signtronix – Understanding The Importance Of Failure Part 2

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By Buddy Swisshelm

The Meaning Of Failure


  1. The difference between the top salesperson and those who do not succeed is the meaning they give to failure.
  2. You decide the meaning to what just happened to you.
  3. If I look at a no as “I can’t do this, or I should just quit, or what is wrong with that customer or my company,” then you are going to feel down and defeated. That does not lead to success.
  4. But if you look at the No as part of the success formula, something you must do and experience to get to the yes, or a learning experience that will help you become better at your craft, then you will be excited about the no, more determined and driven. This leads to success.

The Math Of Failure


  • Add up your calls for a week. Do this for one month.
  • Add up your presentations.
  • Add up your sales.
  • Calculate how much you make per call, per presentation, per sale
  • This will give you your “On Sale Percentage”.
  • How much are you paid per call?
  • How much are you paid per presentation?
  • How much are you paid per sale?


 “Manpower is the golden key that unlocks the door to unlimited growth for all of us!” ~Tom Johnson 

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