Nov 30 2011

Signtronix – Value Goes Beyond Quality

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The Dynamic Duo of Signtronix DM Seth & Sarah McNeal visited a small town with only about 3,000 people. In the entire town, there are approximately 23 businesses. Seth said he likes going to this town because out of those 23 businesses he has placed SEVEN signs there! WOW, what a presence! “It’s a little Signtronix Town.” This visit was no different than his others… successful.  From a referral, Seth and Sarah of Signtronix went looking for a new Computer Store that has only been open since May. Without a sign, it was hard to find. So, they stopped into a store to ask for directions. They asked the guy at the front desk, “Can you tell us where the new Computer Store is located?” With a little surprise, the man replied, “It’s right here! I’m the owner.” What a perfect introduction!

Turns out the owners have been getting quotes for new signs and had one in hand for a 3×14 ft sign.  After going through the price comparison and talking about the benefits of the Main Street America Programs, the owner was ecstatic to get a Model 228 on a lease and have the flexibility to make payments. Also, the owner said, “It was a real benefit for us that Seth DESIGNED our sign! It was going to be a huge extra cost to have a logo designed and have the local company design the sign.” Just goes to show that the VALUE of a Signtronix sign goes well beyond just the quality and customer service.  Great job, Seth and Sarah! Keep up the great work!


A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.”  ~Confucius

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