Jul 11 2011

Signtronix – Why Sijan and Why Now?

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The Newest Lance P. Sijan Award Winner Tim McNeal, St. Louis Road Warrior ***Two-Time Winner***

With all this talk of the Lance Sijan Award, you might ask yourself, “Why Sijan and why now?” The Lance Sijan Award is a tribute to one of America’s bravest military heroes. Lance P. Sijan was a POW in North Vietnam after his plane went down. His initial injuries were severe and after many escape attempts and torturous interrogations, his health, not his spirits, broke. Lance never divulged information or military secrets. He died fighting for our country and received a Medal of Honor.

The U.S. Military awards the Lance P. Sijan Award to those who exhibit the highest example of professional and personal leadership standards. Signtronix honors those who exhibit the same standards within our company. The word courage is defined as “spirit, resolution, tenacity, implications of stubborn persistence and unwillingness to admit defeat”. This defines Lance P. Sijan and the current members of the “Sijan Team”. They are the “Elite of the Elite” at Signtronix.

Now is the perfect time to join the elite men and women who have strived for greatness in the name of Lance Sijan already. To be honored with the Sijan Award you must work 23 consecutive days (Saturday or Sunday may be taken off); perform at least two lite-ups each day and write 13 or more contracts in the designated time frame.

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