Jan 05 2015

Signtronix – Zero Defects

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Half of the almighty equation we call success has to do with the company you represent and the products you believe in whole-heartedly. (Turn the page when you are ready to solve the other half of the equation!) Well over 50 years ago, Signtronix was designed to be different. It offers different products, different opportunities, a different culture and certainly a different, more infectious definition of success.

In a world of “good enough” and “mistakes are normal practice”, Signtronix strives not only to be different… but to be better. Years ago, Vernie Boren wrote an article about our quest for Zero Defects,both in the field and the factory.

Producing a perfect sign every time should be everyone’s goal! This requires perfect TEAM effort every time, not just some of the time.

This perfect process starts with a perfect representation of Signtronix, our products and their abilities to the Small Business Owners of America, followed by sending in perfect paperwork, Order Entry doing a perfect job and then every phase of the manufacturing process doing a perfect job, every time. The perfect process continues as we test and inspect to make SURE the customer received what they paid for and expects. 100% is the only way!

While none of us is perfect, we can raise the level of our performance if we raise our level of awareness and have the desire to achieve Zero Defects.”

The old saying PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT has been revised to say CORRECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. When we, an entire company-wide TEAM, strives toward Zero Defects, half of the success equation solves itself quite easily. 

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