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Spotlight on Success

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August 16, 2011



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“The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely.”  ~William Osler


Georgia Bulldogs Step Up

Regional Manager Taylor Hall is very PROUD of his Bulldogs.  “They have all really stepped up to help the region and I want to thank each of them,” said Taylor.  The Bulldogs went above and beyond selling 14 contracts last week.  District Manager Craig Jarrett wrote up 5 contacts and is working toward the coveted Sijan Award. District Manager Marvin Paige placed 8 locations and new dealer, John Duncan, got his Icebreaker. Way to go Bulldogs!

Taylor, Jenny & Cameron Hall would like thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers for their family and new baby Brody.  Brody Hall was born last week with some critical problems.  He is at Children’s Hospital in Atlantawhere he is receiving the best possible care.  Brody is progressing daily in tiny increments. You can see a photo and post a comment on Jenny’s Facebook page.  Please keep the prayers going and help them to stay strong during this difficult time.  We love you Taylor, Jenny, Cameron & Brody.

“The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”


Once In A Lifetime Flying HIgh

The “no artwork charge” special that was announced last week is going strong.  There are still a few more spots left in first 100 so get out there and make your mark!  This “once in a lifetime” special will run out very soon put forth an extra effort to reap the benefits NOW!

This offer is available to the first 100 sales.  Get your orders into the Home Office IMMEDIATLEY to take advantage of this opportunity.

Another WOW the “New Dealer Special” was announced last night to all Regional Managers via e-mail.  This special runs through September 30, 2011.  Please contact your Regional Manager for complete details.  

“Saddle your dreams afore you ride ‘em.”  ~Mary Webb


Sharpshooting Gunslingers

RM Joel Pelton’s San Antonio Gunslingers have been lighting up businesses and finding showcase locations from South Texas to Colorado in the last few days, starting with up-and-coming Christina Garza, who showed the veterans how it’s done by placing a DF Model 48 at an Auto Sales Business in the Rio Grande Valley.  Michael Durham stopped in at a Paint & Body Shop with a 30 year-old LM800/Ultra Tech combination and showed the owner how we could combine Signtronix co-op dollars with his very high traffic location to give him a 21st century image. This loyal Signtronix customer is looking forward to receiving his new Crystal-lite panels. Michael Petty continues on pace to receive a Bonus Sign and Gas Card while earning lots of soft, warm cash, placing a set of Model 46 panels at an Ace Hardware Store in the Centennial State. Bob Bozarth and Luis Aguilar combined their talents to place a 2-line 8 ft. EMC at a Jewelry Store, while newcomer Clay Sultemeier continues to impress by placing a SF Model 36 at an Ice Cream Shop. That got him out of the sun and into the air-conditioned bank!

 “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”  ~Hannah More


Bells Are Ringing

St. Louis Road Warrior Seth McNeal married Sarah Benson last Saturday in Louisville, KY.  Their beautiful vows were witnessed by family and friends that gathered from across the country.  The vows were even more special because the father of the groom, Tim NcNeal, performed the ceremony.  Incredible!  A creative, fun and memorable reception was followed at Claudia Sanders Dinner House (wife of the famous Colonel Sanders). Getting rave recommendations from Signtronix Champions Seth and Sarah are honeymooning at the beautifulVallartaPalace inNuevo Vallarta,Mexico.  Upon their return Seth and Sarah plan to travel the country placing showcase locations and visiting all the places on their “bucket list”.  What a great way to start their new life together.  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Seth McNeal.  We’re proud of you!

“It is not enough to do good; one must do it the right way.”  ~John Morley

Florida Alligators Sparkle the Signtronix Coast


While DM Dave Rich was working close to home, he spotted a banner in front of a new business. He immediately did a “Signtronix U-Turn” and went in HOT. After “sparkling” the first two of three owners, they finally gathered the third decision maker and Dave wowed them with excitement and urgency. After doing an awesome lite-up and answering all their questions, Dave quickly helped them make a great cash decision on a Model 412 custom Hybrid. They are eagerly waiting for their new sign. That my friends, is the power of a sparkle!

Meanwhile, DM Jesse Perez and RM Doug Clark were working together and walked into a high end Nail Spa. Jesse did a fabulous presentation for an ISLED-60. At first, the customer thought the LED was not the image she wanted but soon realized it was exactly what she needed to bring in customers. Interesting thing was that she did not want to split up the combo even though at first she thought the LED was too flashy. Jesse built so much value, that she knew she needed both. The very next day, the Dynamic Duo wrote up an LED-60 to a Daycare. And finally, to finish off the week, Jesse went out and wrote up another LED-60 to a Cell Phone Store. AWESOME JOB, ALLIGATORS!

“Knowledge is the food of the soul.”  ~Plato



Timberwolves Feel the Chill and Excitement of Ice Breaking

The Timberwolves congratulate Tim Logue and Andrew McDonald on well earned ICEBREAKERS! Tim broke the ice on his own with a beautiful Model 46 and an LED-40 at a Restaurant. Not to be outdone, Andrew broke the ice with an ISLED-60 at a Pizza Shop. We’re looking for big things out of these two professionals and expect them to give DM Bob Hollen some serious competition for the top spot in the Timberwolves Region.

Once again dependable DM Bob Hollen led the way for the Timberwolves. He started out by placing a beautiful combo, a Model 46 and TWO 2-line Tri-color EMC’s at a Landscaping Business. He then caught the owner of a Second Hand Shop who was in need of new ways to advertise items as they came in to the shop. He is waiting on the arrival of his ISLED-60! The owner of an Edward Jones franchise is now looking forward to the many ways he can use his ISLED-40.

While showing new Dealer Andrew McDonald the ropes, Bob called on a Restaurant and placed another beautiful combo, a Model 48 crown with TWO 2-line 8ft EMC’s. Then he found a CPA who was in need of more exposure. Bob quickly solved his problem! He’ll now be talking to everyone who passes by with his new 8ft 2-Line Tri-color EMC. Bob continues to show why he’s one of the top dealers in Signtronix. He understands that if they’re in business, they need either more business or a better image. He doesn’t pre-judge. He goes by Tom Johnson’s philosophy: Door to door, store to store, floor to floor, ’til there ain’t no more! Any business owner he can get to simply look at his new product and give an opinion will benefit greatly. Bob, everyone is proud of you!

After making a commitment to take advantage of the Signtronix program, Ryan Henry is getting back into the swing of things. He started out with a beautiful IS-40 at a Full Service Salon. He then showed the owner of an upscale Jewelry Store the benefits of an ISLED-60, which will arrive at their doorstep shortly. Next came an Auto and Truck Service who will be beaming all of their services on their new LED-40. Then Ryan placed LED-60’s at a Liquor Store, a Gift Shop and another Jewelry Store! Ryan is definitely not afraid to make the calls. And, when he works the program he writes lots of contracts. Great going, Ryan with your ability, were looking for big things from you!

Allan Jones has learned the importance of asking for referrals. He’s taking full advantage of the new referral program Signtronix has developed. He placed a Model 36 at a Seafood Grill. Next, came a Bar with a Model 68 and a Model 210. Both Insurance Company and an Ice Cream Shop will be getting an LED-60. He has three pages of referrals where he can now make “warm and fuzzy” calls. Allan also knows when the people that gave him successful referrals receive their 200 from the company; they’ll be calling him with a lot more referrals. Great going, Allan. Keep it up!


“Don’t put off till tomorrow what can be enjoyed today.”  ~Josh Billings


August Heat Wave Gets Even Hotter

August 2011 is proving to be one of the “HOTTEST” months in Signtronix history.  We started the month introducing a contest for Tablet Stand Cases, Galizia Cases, GAS CARDS and FREE SIGNS.  We upped the ante by adding an EMC SPECIAL and threw in some Refurb EMC’s.  And, that wasn’t enough so included the Artwork Special and now the New Dealer Special.

We’re pulling out all the stops and heating up the month.  We’re working extra hard to make everyone WINNERS!  Get into the HEAT NOW!

“Dreams are touchstones of our characters.”  ~Henry David Thoreau


Strong And Getting Stronger

Regional Manager Paul Shawley had hip replacement surgery today.  The surgery went well and Paul is recuperating very nicely.  He has lots of difficult exercise therapy ahead but we know he can do it!  Please keep Paul and Beth in your hearts and prayers.



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