Jan 10 2011


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Signtronix Support:

Signtronix Support

To the Signtronix Support Family:

I would like to extend my personal thanks to everyone that invested their time and energy to attend the Nashville Jamboree. What an amazing event it was! As I spent time with each manager and dealer throughout the weekend, all I could think was “What a marvelous group of talented and dedicated people we have!” It was truly an honor to stand before you and present a vision for the future of Signtronix. It is that vision we are now actively engaged in executing both here at Headquarters, as well as throughout each region that has stepped up to the challenge of increasing their collaboration with the Home Office. Since Nashville, ideas and inspiration have been pouring into the Signtronix Support Home Office from all over the country. Particularly meaningful are the calls that come in not just to express a problem, but to OFFER A PROPOSED SOLUTION to that same problem. Let us all strive to be innovators and work with each other to find solutions that will help to grow our great company.

To succeed in this effort to grow Signtronix support, we must collaborate and get it done TOGETHER… as a team with locked arms that is laser focused on a unified goal. That goal is to become the most highly regarded sign company in America! To that end, we must not only work in tandem to increase sales, but we MUST strive to do so in a manner that is above all else ETHICAL. The business owners we interact with each and every day will MAKE OR BREAK OUR REPUTATION. Please let us treat them with respect so that even those who do not invest in a Signtronix sign think highly enough of our company that they would recommend us.

The good news is we are now out there telling our own story of excellence… just ask the following individuals who have all succeeded in having their customers post positive reviews about the Signtronix Support system on the Better Business Bureau website (www.bbb.org): Visit the BBB Signtronix Page

When we arrived in Nashville, the Better Business Bureau website rated us a “B” grade / 2-star (out of 5) company, and we had only 3 reviews on the site (two of which were 1 star reviews). With the combined effort of the field our thousands of customers, Signtronix now has 40 reviews posted and our star rating has increased to 4 STARS! The BBB is re-analyzing our company and will assign us a new letter grade in the near future. Let us all pull together towards our goal of getting 100 reviews & a 5-star rating by asking every customer to post an honest review of Signtronix on the BBB! Where we focus, we will succeed!

At this time of Thanksgiving, let me relay how thankful I am for each and every member of the Signtronix support family and the OPPORTUNITY that lies before all of us.

Kind regards,

Christopher Lam
Joint CEO, Signtronix

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