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Jan 14 2015

Signtronix – Southwest Thunderbirds

RM Harold Weatherly and the Southwest Thunderbird team send a great BIG HUGE “Welcome aboard!” to Matt Duran, who just got his Icebreaker on his second day in the field in Phoenix, Arizona with an Imagelite 54/64 to a Bike Shop. Welcome to your future, Matt! “We stand behind you proudly, Matt,” said Harold Weatherly. […]

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Jan 09 2015

Signtronix – New England Novas

Chris Eidam immediately followed up on a sales lead that he received from Sharon Flowers at the Home Office. Chris called the gentleman, but missed him. Chris stopped by to visit the gentleman when he was supposed to be in and missed him again.

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Dec 05 2014

Signtronix – Feeling the Win Part 2

Inherent to the idea of small wins leading to bigger successes is what Teresa Amabile, author and Professor at the Harvard Business School, calls the “progress principle.” She found the efforts of tracking small achievements each day (as well as reflecting on challenges) enhanced motivation as well as creativity. Over the years it’s been proven […]

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Dec 03 2014

Signtronix – Feeling the Win Part 1

Congratulations to the San Francisco/Napa Valley Trip Winners! Earning the dream vacation was a HUGE victory for Jeff Howey, Jaymes Ryan, Earnie Bailey, Lance Pelton, Harold Weatherly, Brian Kornuth and Buddy Swisshelm. Needless to say, they were “Feeling the WIN” the entire trip! CEO Tommy Boren and wife, Miranda, were the hosts with the most!

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Nov 14 2014

Signtronix – The Secrets of a Master Salesperson Part 2

Critical Factors for Master Sales Success   Do what unsuccessful salespeople will not do.  Take the time to care and listen’ organize and prioritize, focus on the imperatives and don’t major in minors.  Be willing to turn the next stone.   Don’t be afraid to fail.  Ask for the order, again and again and understand […]

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