Dec 20 2011

The Fisherman – A Signtronix Story

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A fisherman observed a snake swimming towards his boat.   When the snake reached the boat the fisherman could see that he had a frog in his mouth. Feeling sorry for the frog he reached down and carefully removed the frog from the snake’s mouth and set it free. But then, feeling sorry for the snake he looked around to see what he could give him. He found a bottle of bourbon, poured a capful and gave it to the snake.  The snake then swam away. The fisherman was feeling content from his good deeds when about ten minutes later he heard a knocking at the side of the boat.  When he looked over the side, he saw the snake had returned this time with “two” frogs in his mouth.

The moral – It’s a universal truth. Give people — or animals — what they want and they’ll come back again and again. Even better, they’ll bring their family and friends back with them.


“A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning.”  ~Pat Riley



“Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.”  ~Lydia M. Child

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