Oct 24 2011

The Signtronix Round Up

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Indiana Timberwolves

The Indiana Timberwolves are proud to announce the birth of three new cubs, Tom Podgorski, Johnny Hidalgo, and Darren Palmer, III. All three came with a background in sales, and are really open minded to listening, learning and taking action. All three have broken the ice and are well on the way to being able to field train and help other new cubs move to the front of the pack. Tom earned a Timberwolves’ polo shirt with 2 locations last week. Ed Edgerton earned his GAW watch and a Timberwolves’ polo shirt with 3 locations and $2,100 in commissions. Devin White is becoming very consistent in placing 3-4 contracts a week. He is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. DM’s Bob “Spongebob” Hollen, “Wild” Bill Childers, and Matthew Theriault-Thompson are all “walking their talk” helping the dealers in their districts to become successful. (Monkey see, monkey do!) Watch for these District Managers to quickly move up in the national standings.

What’s that noise? Uh, oh, The Indiana Timberwolves are starting to growl!

St. Louis Road Warriors

It was Memorial Day 2007 in St. Louis. The rain was pouring, but the Cardinals were winning so the annual Barbeque at the Dean’s went on as planned. There were lots of kids, fun, games and music. Ron Gither and RM Jeff Dean gave a concert on the guitars while the kids were busy with the Playstation in the back. Shortly after the good times 11 Road Warriors were on their yearly sales trip to Lake of The Ozarks. Monday night Shelley cranked up the Barbeque at 6:30. Dinner was at 7:00. It would be bacon wrapped filet mignon if you sold and burgers if you didn’t! “People caught on to the program real fast”, reported Jeff. “By Thursday night we had gone through 11 filets, 2 lasagnas, 54 burgers, 22 sausages, 4 big cowboy breakfasts and 4 days of fun. The whole experience would have made a great reality TV show…”Behind the scenes with 10 sign salesmen all sharing living quarters!” It was BIG FUN beating the heat and living it up during the summer of 2007 at Lake of the Ozarks in Laurie, Missouri.

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