Oct 26 2011

The Signtronix Round Up

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Steel City Eagles

RM Buddy Swisshelm has much to be proud of! The Steel City Eagles are #1 Region in Volume and Contracts for the 3rd month in a row! In personal sales, Buddy is pulling his own weight! He  is #4 Dealer for Volume YTD (Year-To-Date) as well as #4 Dealer for Volume for the month of May. DM Brad Whistler continues to work hard and show his District how to succeed. He is currently #2 DM for Volume YTD and #4 DM for Contracts YTD. Brad also ranks in the top ten DM’s for May.

DM Billy Runyan is building a successful District while flying low under the radar to sneak up on the #1 Dealer in Volume YTD. Currently, he is #2 Dealer in Volume and #3 in Contracts YTD. Great job Billy! In his fourth month with Signtronix, David Howard ranks #5 Dealer in Volume for May! He has incredible drive and genuine excitement for the industry!

Mark Gowen continues to sell, sell and sell some more! He loves that Model 48 and usually pairs it with numerous other signs. Denny Erdley has been successful replacing Panels and avoiding flying bullets! Josh Tansberg and David Howard have been enjoying Tornado season… THREE sales in ONE location due to a tornado warning will make you love bad weather! Alek Sudak broke the ice with his Eagle strength at an Auto Collision Repair Shop! Fantastic job!

Joe Emmanuel is doing a great job so far. He has been out with Mark Gowen seeing lite-up after lite-up, which means sale after sale! Jason Kennedy has been having LOTS of fun helping customers win! Recently, he was able to help out a Bridle Shop with replacement panels.

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