Jul 01 2011

The Signtronix Round Up

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San Antonio Gunslingers

Gunslinger Crew

RM Joel Pelton wants to get everyone caught up on what’s going on in San Antonio! The Gunslingers have had a great spring and summer. They are selling a lot of contracts and having fun in the process! They like RM Joel Pelton so much that they gave him #1 Region-Contracts in July for his Birthday! What a great gift! Congratulations!

Happy Birthday Joel Pelton!

Don Larned has set the pace with 3 highly successful months in a row. He earned THREE bonus signs during that time. Then, Don almost qualified for another bonus sign with 8 contracts in ONE DAY. Way to go, Don! Close on his heels are the seasoned veterans Bob Bozarth and Tony Borrego who also have won bonus signs and are on track for more. New Dealer, Ricardo Mercado, got his icebreaker when he sold a 12ft headliner and a Model 36 on a lease!

Sal Salinas

Bob Bozarth and Tony Borrego showed up to help with the lease paperwork. Ricardo is a personal recruit from Tony.

Congratulations to Luis Aguilar, a six year veteran, who has seen huge increases in his contracts this year. Keep up the good work Luis. Sal Salinas and Ester Martinez continue to turn in contracts. Ken LaMay has had a good year so far even though medical conditions have slowed him down a little. Look for a great 4th quarter from Ken! Paul Chancey has had a great year and continues to be very effective on the road. Ricardo Gracia has been turning in some huge orders this year and is looking forward to a great fall. George Johnsen turned in a few nice orders in the last month and is looking forward to finishing off the year strong. George Taylor continues to turn in orders regularly. “All in all, it has been a much improved year in San Antonio, and we are looking forward to cooler weather!” said Joel.


Steel City Eagles

Billy Runyan wins 1000 sales contest from RM Buddy Swisshelm!

Wow! Steel City Eagles are at their 5th straight month at #1 in Volume! Billy Runyan is a driving force in the region, evident by the July Standings. Billy is #1 DM for Volume AND Contracts as well as #1 Dealer for Volume! A member of Billy’s district, David Howard, has been selling a storm! He is #6 Dealer for Volume and #7 for Contracts!

Herc Riggle, Dave Howard and his fiance Terrie

Tom Matheny continues to sell hard! He is #3 Dealer for Volume and #7 DM for Volume! Rich “Herc” Riggle is a part of Tom’s district and is selling, selling and selling some more. He is always creative with his approaches and closes.

The Steel City Eagles Set Sail!

Brad Whistler maintains a high profile district. Mark Gowen persists in showing us new ways to use our current selling tools, including the Main Street America Program. Ricardo Sepulveda and Carmella Wenk join the Eagles and are excited to explore all the opportunities of Signtronix.


Red Hot Peppers

The first Red Hot Pepper is chuggin’ along. Harold Weatherly continues to lead the fledgling team with his top performance. Harold’s secret of success? No secret; he just does exactly what he was taught: makes his 24 call sheet, goes in, shakes hands, gives the sales talk he learned from Roger Pelton, leaves if they say no, and calls RM Dave Pyeatt daily. Harold continues to see higher results while on the road, declaring it is due to lack of distractions that can take him away from regular work. Harold works a full day, when he makes an early sale, he goes right back out to make another. The team is continuing to grow with new prospective members interviewing weekly. The Red Peppers thank Harold for teaching them how important the basics are to good performance. Remember the little engine that could? Well he’s doing’ fine out here in Southern Arizona! Ole’!

A big thanks to Richard Houston who has helped field train the Red Hot Peppers. Richard has led by example with his drive and determination to capture the Sijan Award.


Carolina Panthers

RM Paul Shawley and Beth would like to thank everyone across the country for their prayers and well wishes. Most of all, they would like to thank Bill Bennetti and the whole Panther region for all their hard work and support. What a great team of people they have!

Panthers and Family

DM Bill Bennetti’s strong performance month after month has kept his volume over 40,000, even while field training! Paul and Bill put on contests every week for 50 to 100 gas cards and everyone took advantage by winning multiple cards.

Roger Paul is a consistent dealer. He is hard working and used his 24 call sheet to pick up referrals and turn them into sales. He already has a bonus sign and very close to getting another! Dave Allen got the HOSS award for the region this month. He has NINE contracts under his belt. Dave was working with fellow teammate Tom Wolfe, and they both have been blossoming.

Alex Toska and DJ Walton have come on board, and the Panthers are looking forward to seeing them soar. Ed Kormendi is on the road and just turned in a beautiful Model 48 with lots of overage along with a Model 36! Sam Casey and Dave Brown met Bill and Paul in Princeton, West Virginia for a road trip. “We had a great time and everyone wrote orders,” said Paul. Lonnie Meinzer is doing great and just wrote a ISLED-40 Combo. Sam, Barry and Monique Zander spent a weekend up at the cabin with Paul & Beth before Paul had his hip surgery. Paul is out of the hospital after having total hip replacement and the road to recovery looks very bright.

The Panthers would also like to welcome back Kathy Floyd, Tonda Burden and Phillip Davis. “We are looking for great things to happen and we welcome them back home in our family,” said Paul. “Wonderful things happen when you consistently work hard.”


Indiana Timberwolves

The Timberwolves are on the prowl. Bruce Miller found two businesses that needed help. The first was a Smoke Shop who loved the idea of our ISLED-40 to the tune of 4,100 (1,500 overage) and 1050 in commissions. He then located a previous Signtronix customer who had three of our signs, all bought at different times. This customer was also Bruce’s icebreaker (ISLED-40) back when he first joined the Timberwolves. The customer is changing the direction of his business and needed new face panels. Bruce pocketed 739. We need to stop at previous customers…thanks Billy Runyan!

Dave presents Bob Hollen with DM of the Year Ring

DM Bob “SpongeBob” Hollen placed 4 locations, IS-50 face panel, single faced 8’ EMC, 46 Arch with double faced 6’ EMC’s, and Big Sig face panels. Total volume was 21,365 and 4,514 in commissions. Good going, Bob! DM “Wild Bill” Childers was field training new dealer, Billy Judd, and showed him two placements, both ISLED-40’s with total commissions of 1,485. He then wanted to see if Billy had learned anything, so Billy went to work. He placed an LED40-4 at a Convenience Store for almost 4,000 and took home 582. I think we’ll be hearing a lot from this new cub!

Tom Podgorski chipped in with an LED-40 with 500 overage and took home just over 600. Dan Eubanks is back with us after a brief sabbatical and is on board with an ISLED-40 and 600 in commissions.

Ed Grady placed 3 locations in 3 days. He likes the LED-40’s and walked away with almost 1,300 in commissions. Ed Champa placed an ISLED-40 with 1,500 overage (LTO) and pocketed over 900 in commissions. Keith Hudson is over visiting his daughter in North Carolina. He called in with (2) 8’ EMC’s at just over 12,000 and commissions of 2,400. Keep it up, Keith. We like hearing from you!

Tom Podgorski with his gold watch and 2800 plaque

Matthew Theriault-Thompson is ready to get back to work after the birth of twin boys Micah and Mason. Not only does he need money, but some relief as well!

Micah and Mason Theriault-Thompson

Arkansas Diamonds

Congrats to DM Kirnan Lewis on his three year anniversary with Signtronix. Kirnan is consistently attending meetings, helping with training, AND turning in orders. He is a great asset to the Diamonds. “We love you, Kirnan,” said RM Howard Foy.

One hot summer month equals two ice breakers. David Jones helped a Pet Resort out with a primary outdoor sign. He recalled the business owner taking possession of the sign when the family gathered around and picked out the designer for the 48. Nick Paul helped an Insurance Agency out with a one-line EMC. RM Howard Foy is super excited about Nick and David.

David Jones and RM Howard Foy

Excitement is building for the new dealers completing class on 8/10. A huge thank you to Mr. Rick Rosetti! As always, the class was mesmerized by his instruction and has realized the value of our signage. Welcome to the new Diamonds: Dang Lor, Mike Maxwell, Wally Dane, Tom Day and Connie Holderbaugh (Sonny’s wife). By the way, Sonny reached one of his goals when his wife Connie quit her job and is now supporting him fulltime in the field. This is one exciting couple!


Albuquerque Roadrunners

Roadrunners reveled in the privilege of having the exceptional field trainer RM Richard Houston help with some new Dealers. Richard Houston took Richard Hernandez in the field and showed him TWO contracts! With true Roadrunner speed, Richard Hernandez earned his sample this afternoon and went out and got his icebreaker within hours! RM Ali Howe said, “With the enthusiastic training, I have no doubt that Richard got his icebreaker because of Richard! Ha ha.” Richard Hernandez took home 333 for placing a Model 34 double faced with custom artwork.

Larry Higgins, Richard Houston and Richard Hernandez

Welcome to new Dealer, Larry Higgins! This amazing guy had a twice breaker! Two contracts his first day in the field and three within his first 7 days! Great job, Larry!


Florida Alligators

RM Doug Clark introduces the newest Alligators, Earl Layton and Bernard McDuffie. They are in training class and showing great excitement and enthusiasm. Earl comes from a background of selling chemical products to businesses for 28 years. Bernie comes to us with a recent background in Mortgage & Real Estate but he also had worked for Gulf Industries back in the 80’s under Ray Clark.

Matt West earned a 100 gas card from Doug Clark by becoming the first Alligator to sell the New Arch sign. Matt sold the Model 58 Arch sign to an Auto Service Center earning him 1200 in commissions. That was Matt’s second contract in two days and he’s out looking for more. Rick Castillo made a Saturday placement for an LED-40 at a Pharmacy putting over 550 in his pocket by 1pm.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ray Clark for all his hard work and dedication he has given me and many, many dealers and managers throughout the company. Ray Clark recently celebrated his 39th year with Gulf/Signtronix and we are PROUD to have him as our Manager and friend. I am sure I speak for all my dealers when I THANK him for his continual help and mentoring,” said Doug Clark


Atlanta Bulldogs

Even with this extreme heat RM Taylor Hall and DM Jamie Scott have been able to place seven contracts between them in a week! Taylor placed three LED-40s and one LED-50 and Jamie placed 2 Model 38s. The heat may be HOT but it is forcing the Dawgs through more doors! It was over 100 degrees again on Saturday, but Taylor was happy to stay indoors in a Dance Studio and write up an order for another LED-40 COMBO! Taylor was very happy with their sales. It is the first five contract week for him in a while!

Jamie Scott and his new 400 suit!

Jamie Scott earned his 400 suit for earning over 3,000 in a week! Jamie has actually had other high paying jobs, but never any that allowed him to spend so much time with his wife Natalie and their THREE kids.

Please welcome Marcus Thomas as the new ‘Dawg’ in Atlanta! Jamie Scott met up with him while on a road trip in Alabama. Marcus was also on a road trip with his company selling credit card machines. He was not satisfied at all with the quality of the company. After a brief conversation with Jamie, he committed to an interview with Taylor Hall back in Georgia where he lives. Marcus has completed training class and is out in the field this week with Jamie. Marcus nailed every step of the presentation each day in training, and the Bulldogs are very excited about their new team member! Good luck and welcome to Signtronix, Marcus!

A big THANK YOU to Jaime for taking the initiative and sharing a great opportunity!


St. Louis Road Warriors

Congrats to Ron English for completing the Lance Sijan Award! Hard work really does pay off!

The Dean Team in Cabo San Lucas

The rest of the gang took some fun road trips and the camaraderie was fantastic. Even if it is just for two or three days, it pays to travel together in the summer months.

They try to stay at places with a swimming pool. In the evenings they congregate and discuss the day. They even had pizza delivered to the pool one night!


Georgia Golden Eagles

Good News from the Georgia Golden Eagles! New Dealer, Bobby Titsworth just sold a LED-40 to a Pet store! RM Joel Froeschle and his wife, Blanche, are very proud of their Golden Eagles! Joel is working with James Johnson, his DM. in North Georgia. James Johnson was one of Lloyd Allard’s guys. James had moved to Australia and had a great business. However, with his parents living in New Orleans and after Hurricane Katrina, he decided he needed to get closer to family.  He also has family in Atlanta. James saw Joel’s ad and went to work with him. He has had a terrible year with health problems, but he is committed and wants to help Joel rebuild this region! Joel said, “I think James can sell a sign everyday! We just need several people like that and this region will be back in the top ten.”


Phoenix Heat

Welcome to the new Heaters, Kimberly King, DeVon Thomas and Taylor Rash. RM Bob Finlay is excited about his new recruits and knows they will be great assets to his region.


Utah Hawks

DM Yvonne Leavitt left her mark on the little town of Preston, Idaho today. A new Restaurant, “Off the Tracks” is excited about their new LED-40. Yvonne is also pretty excited about her 420! She also sold SEVEN contracts in the one week! This Hawk is soaring high! Great job and keep soaring!

RM of the Utah Hawks, Al Borgers is a great leader and always keeps formation. He was out at 8:00am making his call sheet in Twin Falls, Idaho today when he ‘ran into’ a little trouble. There was a road sign lying down in the middle of the street and Al happened to run over it. Who knew a small sign could flip up and do that much damage to a fender?! Knowing he had a full day of sales ahead of him, Al brushed it off but kept in mind that the third business on his call sheet was a Body Shop. First up on his call sheet was a Laundromat. He left there with an order for an LED-40-4 and 800! On his second call, he wasn’t able to find the owners in. Oh yes, the third call to the Body Shop. Not only is his car getting fixed, he sold a Combo Model 48 and Model 38! That’s another 875 to add to his paycheck for the day! What a great business this is that you don’t have to take time off work to get your car fixed! The moral from Al today is, “Do your 24 call sheet!”


Lone Star Rhinos

A great guy named Clifford Crenshaw from Bryan, Texas called the factory. He didn’t have questions, he wasn’t concerned about delivery, he didn’t want to change his artwork and he certainly wasn’t disappointed with his sign. In fact, he couldn’t say enough good things about his brand new Model 412 double-faced with custom artwork! Clifford owns a Golf Cart and Trailer business and his new sign was PERFECT! Lone Star Rhino, DM Tom DeGroot sold the sign and, obviously, did a great job at educating Clifford about signage. “I could have had an ordinary sign, instead I have a Signtronix sign,” said Clifford.

Tom made two trips to see Clifford since the first time he wasn’t home. That simple (and inconvenient) gesture made Clifford feel important and that Tom cared. After about a week of back and forth on artwork, Clifford was getting a bit frustrated. He just wanted his sign ASAP! Tom had sense enough to tell him, “Be patient and let’s get this right the first time.” Tom is a phenomenal dealer and knows how to make customers happy and successful!


Pensacola Blue Angels

In keeping with one of the Angels favorite motto’s, Teamwork Makes the Dream work, the two man team of DM Rick “Buck” Buchanan and Tom “ Notso “ Williams scored a DOUBLE with an ISLED-50 at a Cellular Store and an ISLED-40 at a brand new Coffee Shop. They were all smiles as they headed back to the hotel.

NOT to be outdone, the ‘other’ two man team of Vann “ Bubba “ Watson and Djuan “Gator” Bragg hit a TRIPLE while placing THREE Model 46’s, including a Flooring Store, a Day Care Center and a Jewelry Store.

Activity drives the Action and the action is making for a Very Happy “Cappy”, reports RM Robert Prujan. Robert is in the classroom training new Pilot, David Gemmell. David will be earning his wings in the near future and I am sure you will be hearing more about him! Blue Skies to All!

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