Jul 25 2011

The Signtronix Round Up

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Steel City Eagles

DM, Brad Whistler is proud of his District! Mark Gowen and Billy Runyan are continu­ally making sales and using their time and tal­ents to train new dealers.

Mark Gowen was training new Dealer, Shaun Capaldo when they placed a Model 48 to a business that was “just looking”. Another owner Mark spoke with needed new ballast for his 15 year old sign and a new look for his panels. He was able to place a set of replace­ment panels because he knew exactly how to use his overage. Surprise, overage took care of the ballast!

Taking another possible dealer in the field for a taste of Signtronix, Mark stopped at a Repair Shop with a Big Sig. They found out the name had changed, and the owners were interested in “those new moving message signs”. A set of 6’ EMC’s and a Model 46 are headed for a set of happy shop owners! Billy showed this possible recruit a trip to the bank to cash a 2400 paycheck. Needless to say, he wants to be a Sign Guy NOW!

Billy Runyan is the phenomenon of Philly. Af­ter placing a Model 328 in a Mexican Res­taurant by teleconference between the own­ers, Billy was called back to the restaurant for some artwork changes. He didn’t leave with­out adding an 8’ Headliner to the order.


Nashville Katz

The Nashville Katz welcome three new mem­bers to the team. Adam Melton sold sweep­ers before joining the team. Don Taylor was in Auto sales & also decorative stone. Chuck Rierson owned his own businesses and was with Signtronix in the late 90’s. All three are excited about their new found opportunity. In fact, Adam went out immediately after class and broke the ice at Cleaners… ISLED-40 with a cash deposit!

Tim Roche placed two 8’ EMCs at a Pharma­cy. The owner knew a Walgreen’s was going in right down the road. He needed to compete and step up his advertising.

Jody Bailey found an Auto Sales business in need of improving customer traffic. A 12’ EMC is talking to thousands of potential customers’ right out in front of his business thanks to Jody!

Chuck Rierson made a quick come back when he called on a Motor Sports Dealer who saw the value in the ISLED-40. Cha-Ching! Chuck took home 640!

Randy Peach placed a Model 3212. TAPster Lee Hodges said, “Randy really made a friend with this wonderful lady.”

New dealer Tim Parkison, a personal recruit of Chuck, got his Ice breaker today. They spotted an Auto Parts store and noticed a “part” of the business that needed a change, the front window. Tim placed an ISLED-40 with overage for 808.00 and a great start to a new career!


Arkansas Diamonds

The Diamonds have 4 new dealers fresh out of class. Mark Gillaspy, cousin of RM, How­ard Foy, is beaming with enthusiasm after feeling the ice break! On his second lite-up he placed an ISLED-40 with overage for a 568 commission! A young dynamic couple, Dan­iel and Joy, who have been married less than 5 years and have experience in sales, easily picked up on the presentation. Last, but not least, is Gary who spent 15 years with Wal-Mart and was tired of broken promises. He is at a crossroads in his life where he wants independence and no ceiling to his earning potential. Welcome new Diamonds!

Mark Netherton, Mark Gillaspy and RM Howard Foy

Jesse Bray, a new dealer from December Training class, got his icebreaker when he walked into a Latino Store and helped them with a beautiful sign. He said, “after the first hour, the owner was so excited about the sign that he called all of his relatives down to the store.” As Jesse left the store with 550 in his pocket, he said goodbye to 12 relatives he had just met.

DM, Kirnan Lewis took two of his new deal­ers on a short road trip and returned with 3 contracts and over 18,000 in volume. We love DM’s who take their own initiatives to plan road trips to assist their dealers in be­coming successful.

New Dealer, Jay Allen, keeps turning in contracts. He turned in his 8th contract in 8 weeks. He will soon be a powerhouse in this company. Keep up the good work Jay.


California Landsharks

DM, DAN “THE MAN” Stanley leads the Landsharks by capturing #1 Dealer in volume for 2006! That’s why they call him the “Far Shark” He goes the distance! Dan is a sea­soned veteran with a tremendous knowledge of our business. He builds VALUE and de­velops rapport with his customers. Dan truly tries to help his customers and it shows. He constantly gets referrals from customers that he did business with over 10 years ago. Dan recently turned in orders for a Model 612, a Model 420 and a Model 66.

A member of Dan’s District, Joe Deutsch dropped off a few orders to RM Jim Callahan from the field. Joe shut down a nice combo of a Model 510, a Model 36 and an ISLED-40-4 to a lucky Mexican Restaurant. The business will NEVER be the same after that winning combo starts working for them. Joe made 2700 for his efforts. He also brought in 3 more contracts for ISLED-40 combos and he placed a 12ft one line Message Center for 10,000 adding another 2000 in commis­sion to his total. He earned over 6500 for this stack of orders!

Sherwood Weil, also in Dan’s District, is stir­ring up the waters reporting 3 contracts in 4 days. He sold 2 ISLED-40 combos and an ISLED-40-4 combo while on the road. That’s over 2000 in commission’s worth for 3 or­ders!

DM Tim Schomer turned in an LED-40-4 and a LED-40. While field training new dealer Mark Kern, Tim showed him how it is done.

Mark didn’t wait too long to catch the spirit. While working with his DM his third day, he got his Icebreaker, a beautiful ISLED- 40 combo! DM Tim Schomer personally recruited Mark off the street while out making calls. Mark was selling MEAT at the time. Congrats Mark and welcome to the Landsharks.

Two new Dealers, Steve Rowe and Jose Herrera, have hit the street as well. Soon we will hear of their success! Tim Schomer also captured a few top spots for 2006 as a DM # 6 in volume and #3 in contracts Nationally; Tim was the Number one District in Contracts in 2005.

Mauricio Salty turned in a few nice contracts totaling 10,000. DM Ron MacLachlan was over 23,000 in volume for the month!

Lone Star Rhinos

RM “Super Saleslady” Carmen Rodri­guez is building her forces in Houston. After receiving their samples, new Rhinos, Jose Blazquez, Jeffery Herrera and Don Metzgar went out in the field to have FUN. Don and Jeffery quickly received their ICEBREAKERS! Jeffery stopped at an Art & Framing business that had already seen the presentation. The business owner is going to relocate and this time around he saw the value in an ISLED-40 Combo. Jeffrey went home with a 553 deposit. Jeffrey is a new recruit from Tom DeGroot.

DM, Tom DeGroot talked with an owner of two businesses including a Used Car Lot and a Sporting Business that sold boats. Tom placed two Model 612s and two 2-line EMC’s. Tom left the business late on Friday night and by Saturday morning at 9:15 am Tom had a check cashed for 8550! Tom had a GREAT January with his total volume over 80,000! Tom is excited about this year. His goal is to be #1 in the nation!

Iowa Barnstormers

RM Jeff Van Horn has been busy building a powerful region. The Barnstormers kicked off the New Year with 5 new dealers in training class, Fred Villalobos, Dusti Heriford, John Ragsdale, Brian Borton and Billy Mottet. Billy and wife Courtney welcomed their 4th daughter, Sammie Rae in the same week! Congratulations! A special thanks to Roger Pelton for his role with the hiring process.


Atlanta Bulldogs

The Atlanta Bulldogs are off to a GREAT start. They have three new dealers Kenny Bolton, Armando King, and Danny Simmons. All 3 got their ice breakers the first week in the field! Head Bulldog, RM Taylor Hall, led the pack by turning in 3 orders himself and “Big Dawg” Billy Bobb turned in a huge order that put them over 31,000 in volume in only a week. Not bad for the Dawgs’ first week as a new region. Taylor and Jenny Hall said, “We are so proud of our team and look for­ward to many great weeks in the future.” Go Dawgs!!!

Taylor Hall, RM of the Atlanta Bulldogs, took new dealer Kenny Bolton out to show him how easy this business is. On their second light up, the owner of a hair salon saw how much an ISLED-40 combo would help her business. The decision was a “no brainer” for her. The next day Kenny decided to venture out on his own. He spotted a car lot he and Taylor had previously overlooked. Kenny made an instant friend with the owner and be­fore long he broke the ice with an ISLED-50 combo with plenty of overage. Kenny went straight to the bank with a check for 670! The next day was Kenny’s birthday… what a great present to himself!

Meanwhile, new dealer Danny Simmons called Taylor to tell him his ice breaker story! He found a business owner that loved our ISLED-40 combo. However, when Danny called in the lease, he couldn’t get her ap­proved. Instead of giving up, he dropped to an IS-40 and left with his first order. This made Danny the winner of the region’s “first to break the ice Contest”!

Believe it or not, Taylor is still experiencing firsts as well. He was in the field training new dealer, Armando King. They called on a Hair Salon that had plain channel letters that said “SALON”. Taylor explained to her that she only had half a sign and soon after they left with an order for a 3 ft Channel Graphic which is a first for Taylor.

William Bobb, a personal recruit from his cousin, “Wild” Bill Childers of the Indiana Timberwolves, wrote his 10th contract for a two line 12 foot EMC. Way to go Billy! Go Dawgs!


Dakota Legends

RM Jonathan Imberi is growing his region with great success. The Legends had their first ever sales meeting at the Fargo office! Brent Bighom, Kristie Kelsch, Kristie’s hus­band Daren and Jonathan and Sara Imberi were present and accounted for. We are look­ing for great things from our newest and old­est Legends!


Florida Alligators

RM Doug Clark and the Florida Alligators want to welcome their newest team members. Dan Downing and his sister Bev Patterson. They have been working hard to learn the pre­sentation. After breaking the Ice with a Hair Salon, the duo have written 2 ISLED-40 com­bo’s within a week and are looking for more customers to help.

The Alligators had the pleasure of meeting up with Joel Froeschle’s Georgia Golden Eagles in Savannah, GA and had a great time. Besides great meetings and friendship, the results were as follows: 4 days, 3 cars, 9 contracts, 1 Icebreaker and over 32,000 in volume. Thanks Joel for a great trip.


San Antonio Gunslingers

2007 is looking to be a great year for the Gun­slingers! To start off, RM Joel Pelton, would like to congratulate his two new DM’s Paul Chancey and Ken Lamay.

These guys have worked hard and are look­ing forward to building big Districts this year. Paul Chancey is a great field trainer that shows new dealers how to do it right. Ken Lamay is a seasoned pro that has the skill to work with bank presidents and corporate big wigs on down to small mom and pop owners. He is a real professional. Joel said, “I am looking forward to working with these guys.”


New Mexico Roadrunners

Introducing the most current addition to the New Mexico Roadrunner team, Antonio (A.J.) Vigil. After earning his samples and getting his day started on the right foot, A.J.’s first presentation had the merchant convinced the ISLED-40 would benefit her Nail Salon. However, due to a 3rd party influence at the very end of the presentation, A.J. walked away without the placement. Not sure what to do next, he arrived at the office of RM, Alison Howe for some much needed encour­agement. After reviewing what happened, Ali asked A.J, “What’s the first thing you do when the horse bucks you off, A.J.?” His response, “You get right back on!” That’s exactly what this new Roadrunner did! A.J. Vigil, jumped out of the “nest” and right back into the field that afternoon with a placement of an ISLED-40 at a new Tile Store just one mile from the Albuquerque Regional Office not only win­ning his ice-breaker pin but also the Regional Contest for getting the location closest to the office!


Indiana Timberwolves

Congratulations to the Timberwolves for capturing #2 Region for 2006! DM, Bob Hollen celebrated being named #1 DM in Volume and Contracts for 2006 for the 3rd straight year by going out in January and placing 14 locations to earn his 3rd Si­jan Award! All the Timberwolves would like to say, “Congratulations to a super example and a real class act!!!” Way to go, Bob!

The Timberwolves welcome new dealer, Jerry Owens. Jerry went out solo and got his ice­breaker by placing an ISLED-40 at a Mattress store. Jerry made enough of an impression on the owner with the product and his presen­tation he, not only placed one ISLED-40, he placed one for each of their 5 locations! His icebreaker was almost 15,000 in volume and a commission of 2,190!


South Florida Hurricanes

The Hurricanes keep their commanding pres­ence at home as well as on the road! DM Dave Rich and RM Mike Carter made a spe­cial presentation at the franchise meeting for a Tanning Salon that Dave has done business with before. Thirteen Franchise owners were in attendance and listened to them present ALL the Signtronix products! They ended up placing 2 ISLED-40s at the meeting and 3 more franchises are being built and looking for signage!

Fearless leader, RM Mike Carter keeps his region running strong! He likes to place an LED-40 a day… An LED a day will keep the bill collectors away! He’s also recently placed an ISLED-40 at a Supermercado.

DM Dave Rich has been hard at work as well. In addition to his own phenomenal sales re­cord, he has been training Jesse Perez and Jorie Polokoff on outdoor signs. He is very pleased with their progress! Jesse placed an ISLED-40 combo and Jorie placed an ISLED-50 at a Travel Agency. These Hurricanes are just getting started!


Texas Trailblazers

Congratulations to Lance Pelton, RM of the Trailblazers, for being #3 RM in Volume for 2006! He is grateful to his region for their hard work and dedication!

DM Steve Harms is off to a great year by con­tinuing to turn in multiple contracts each week. His group is growing and ready for a great year. Stan Sasser, a member of Steve’s dis­trict, has recently rejoined the company and is off to a great start by placing two 68’s. Bill Conly has been writing a lot of orders lately; a 48, 68, and a 58/38 combo are all in the bag over the last 10 days. Chris Griffith has been getting a lot of lite-ups and it’s paying off by writing four contracts in the last 6 days. Will Welsh and Greg Reed have teamed up this week and so far the results are awesome…2 sales in 2 days.

The mighty Macie Condra (The Trailblazer’s #1 Dealer in 2006) is having fun in West Tex­as. He has written 5 contracts over 10 days and one of them was a bonus sign! His order for a 46 had an interesting twist. The owner spoke Spanish, so Macie had the radio sales rep translate his presentation for him to the owner. Macie is working on adding the radio rep to his District.


Wisconsin Wizards

Congratulations to Tom Hook for making it into the top 10 dealers of 2006 for the second year in a row. He is off and running again in his 3rd year with Signtronix. We’re sure to see him rank high this year as his goal is #1. When RM Tony McGuire told him he was in the top ten, ranked at #4, his comment was, “Well it’s not number one is it?” Tony says, “Thanks Tom for your dedication and hard work in your past few years with Signtronix and my region.”


Pensacola Blue Angels

It’s Amazing When You Believe…. You Can Achieve !!!

Great news is streaming out of the Pensacola Blue Angels Flight Headquarters, reports the ECSTATIC Captain and RM, Robert Prujan. The TEAM of DM Rick “Buck” Buchan­an, Vann “Oscar” Watson, Darrell “Felix “Barnhill and Little Stevie Wonder Maxwell have SHATTERED the office record for any previous months and aren’t finished! Please use extreme CAUTION around this band of Daring Pilots as it takes a lot of time for those jet engines to cool down!

The new ‘nicknames’ for Vann and Darrell come from their working together, growing together and emerging as the Original Odd Couple! On a recent road trip, Georgia Golden Eagle RM, Joel Froeschle, shared the advantages of teaming up in the field and Joel…we were listening! Over and nowhere near out!!!


Chicago All-Stars

Walter Hudson sold a Model 36 and 2 6ft EMC Combos…the same combo as last month! He must really like that one! All the other dealers are turning in contracts and working very hard! RM Henry Velez is work­ing really hard and very proud of all his deal­ers! Great work in January and good luck in February!


Carolina Panthers

In the Panther region, Bill Bennetti took #1 DM for 2006. And for 2007, he is starting off with a bang and a statement, topping off at 100,000 volume for his District and half of that was Bill’s. The other half was Ed Kormendi’s. Ed has consistently written between 20-30K in volume monthly since he started! He won a Bonus sign in January for volume. Bill also continues to work with new dealers Xavier, Miles and Chuck.

Lonnie Meizner is impeccable in his paper­work and has a very professional attitude. Af­ter being out due to illness, Lonnie is back in action! He went out and sold over two grand in Channel Letters. Lonnie has been with DM Sam Casey for over a decade!

Beth and Paul would also like to thank ev­eryone for their prayers and friendship while Paul is having his bout with cancer. “Thank you!”

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