Sep 19 2011

The Signtronix Round Up

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Nashville Katz

The Katz are committed to 5 lite-ups a day! New dealer Donnie Kazee broke the ice with a Model 38 at a Tattoo Shop on his 5th lite-up! Randy Peach continued his winning ways with a Model 68 at an Overstock Market. He added a Model 48 on his 5th lite-up! He also placed a Model 68 and brought home 1400. “5 lite-ups a day, 5 days a week will in fact DOUBLE your income,” says RM Bill “the Gaxman” Gigax.

Jody Bailey requested a Model 48 from the factory be sent to his latest customer for 800 in commissions. Jody got another win-win-win when he placed a Model 45 showcase! Barry Hutchison added an EMC and a 1250 commission check. New Dealer Mike West got his Ice Breaker at a BBQ Restaurant. Mike showed the new business owner an ISLED- 50 but scaled down to an IS-50. Tim Roche helped a Quick Mart with two 8ft EMC’s, earning a cool 2500!


Texas Trailblazers

Will Welsh won the Trailblazer regional contest with a big order for a 6’ Headliner with 2-24” Channel Designers and lots of overage! Perhaps a flat screen TV for his new home would be a good prize! Jared Castillo recently returned to the Trailblazers and wrote 3 contracts his first week back and is poised to be better than ever! Jared, a veteran who originally started in 1997, is famous in the office for learning the original presentation video so well that he even paused when Tom paused on the tape. He knew it perfectly!

Tyler Derebery continues to shine in Oklahoma. He recently wrote his fourth contract. It was a Model 510 to a Vet. Tyler recently brought his father, Bill Derebery, into the business and we expect great things from him as well. Out in Arkansas DM Chris Griffith continues to maintain his winning ways. One order was a Model 46 with lots of overage for a 1,200 payday. Not far behind is Tony Charles who continues to write orders. Recent icebreaker Gigi Page started her career with an Indoor 50 sign with lots of overage. Bill ‘Picasso’ Conly turned in two beautiful contracts last week for an 1,800 commission week. Recently returned dealer, Charles Teague, has capped off his first road trip with 3 orders and over 15,000 in volume.

Steve Harms and Will Welsh teamed up to write two contracts! Macie Condra added two more last week in West Texas. Not to be outdone, Greg Reed got in on the action and wrote up a great looking Model 68 to a Sam’s Club RV Park.


Lone Star Rhinos

Congratulations to Rhinos Cory Splonick and Brent Juryla on their teamwork performance. Cory and Brent know being persistent pays very well. They sold a Model 48 with two 8’ Message Centers to a Real Estate company. Cory won a Two Grand-A-Week Plaque and a Gold Watch. Great job!

Don Metzgar continues to drop off deals every week. Don is a hard worker and truly believes in Signtronix.

Jeffrey Herrera and Charles Miller have been away for awhile but are ready to rockn- roll. They are focused and ready to work the program.

D.M. Tom DeGroot loves Step 11 (the bank). Tom continues to work smart. He is always calling on Signtronix customers and asking for referrals. Tom continues to sell, sell and sell. He just happened to come across one of RM Carmen Rodriguez’ customers and sold them two 8’ Message Centers. Tom believes on perseverance and persistence.

D.M. Lynn Schumacher is the doer, the achiever and the one who recognizes the challenges and definitely does something about it. The Rhinos love you and miss you.

D.M. George Farhat, the strong closer, is having fun training his dealers and looking forward to going north for the summer. George also wrote up a Model 48 with two 8’ Message Centers.


Orlando Firestorm

Since his return to Signtronix well over a year ago, RM Mike Hays, has been looking to find a place to call home and open a region. He is now going to Florida to open the Orlando area with passion, purpose and the commitment to have a leading region in the country. Naming it the Orlando Firestorm has meaning, purpose and motivation. A firestorm is a fire of great size and intensity that feeds itself once started. Mike will develop a firestorm in Orlando! “I love Signtronix, and I believe we have the best opportunity on the planet,” said Mike. The sign on the door of opportunity reads “PUSH HARD”. Mike is moving his family to Orlando very soon and will be taking some time to get situated and finding a great office location. “Rest assured, I will be “Pushing Hard,” said Mike. Congratulations, and we can’t wait to hear the happenings with the Firestorms!


Sierra Nevada Renegades

Welcome to the latest addition to the Sierra Nevada Renegades! Len Mayo just finished training and is ready to hit the streets with Regional Manager and Field Trainer Jason Martinez. Len has shown a great attitude and knows his presentation. Watch out Nevada here comes Len!


Arkansas Diamonds

The rising Diamond, Sonny Holderbaugh, has been hitting the streets, and it’s paying off! In one week, he’s helped placed an LED 40, ISLED 40, and a Model 36 to a Youth and Senior Citizens Center! He’s been with Signtronix for 2 months and has been a perfect model of what our business is all about. Work the program right, help a business and make money!

DM Mark Netherton has been working in Texas and going back to the basics. He just turned in two more contracts to add to the hundreds of businesses he has helped during his career! DM Kirnan Lewis had a fantastic week at the end of April. In 4 days, he helped 3 businesses with two 8’ EMCs EACH! That’s a total of 7100 in his pocket!

Two great guys, Nick Paul and Frank Edmonds, have decided to join the Diamond team. They are looking forward to the upcoming road trip to Shreveport with the group. We hope to see both of their names in print here many more times!

RM Howard Foy and wife, CC, are “On the Road Again”! After a week in sunny California visiting the factory, they headed up to Sacramento to visit Howard’s uncle who was wondering what this Signtronix stuff was all about. After a few days of one-on-one training, Don Riddlesperger was ready to hit it! We are excited to hear about his future success with Signtronix. After being home for a few days, they decided to get the motor home ready and jetted off on a month long adventure to Memphis, Tennesee; Jackson, Mississippi, Shreveport, Louisiana and ending it in the Nashville Katz area.

Lastly, the Diamonds want to say thank you to God for helping Rick Hendrickson get over a health issue. After a new and improved diet and a vacation to Indiana, we’re sure he’ll be back on his feet!


South Florida Hurricanes

Mike Carter, RM of the South Florida Hurricanes, led his storms to Top Ten in the country for April and continues to be the fearless leader they know and love.

A new and upcoming storm, Mike Nixon got his first contract for an ISLED-40 at a Deli and Bagel Shop! Jesse Perez doesn’t like to let the newbies catch up to him so he placed an ISLED-40 with an Auto Insurance Business.

DM Dave “Richie” Rich was out training Bill Campos when they came across a Perfume Supermarket with a very smart owner. He immediately told Dave and Bill, “I’ve done my research and I want one.” An ISLED-40 with extra panels are heading his way! Dave continues to lead his District to amazing success!

Bill Campos learned a lot in his training because he helped an Optical Shop see the value of a Signtronix sign! An ISLED-40 with a bit of overage is going to help the Optical Shop’s potential customers see their way into the shop!


Utah Hawks

Al Borgers, RM of the Utah Hawks, was working in a small town and just felt a spark of magic. Soon enough Al was doing a ‘Hat Trick’! For those that aren’t familiar with the Signtronix magic terms, a ‘Hat Trick’ is THREE contracts in ONE day!

The first sale came when Al walked into a Body Shop that already had a Model 34. The owner said right away that our signs are too much money (even though he had one out front already). This head Hawk didn’t stop building value for the owner. Al ended up placing a Model 48 and two Model 34 panels for a cool 1200 paycheck to start his magical day. There is no better time to make a sale than right after you made a sale! On to a Glass Shop who had a 5 year old Model 48. The owner liked his sign but had always wanted his logo on it. Al said, “I can make that happen.” A set of new panels, complete with the Glass Shop logo on them, are headed out of the factory and landed Al a 400 paycheck for his 2nd sale of the day. The 3rd sale, completing Al’s Hat Trick, was at a Truck Accessory Store for an ISLED-40. Ending the day with 2200 is definitely making magic happen!


Steel City Eagles

RM Buddy Swisshelm is proud of his region for their hard work to be #1! Buddy also worked very hard achieving #3 Dealer for Volume and #5 Dealer for Contracts for his personal sales.

A special CONGRATULATONS goes out to Billy Runyan, for achieving the #1 District Manager Dollar Volume for April 2007. April was Billy’s first month as a District Manager. This is a phenomenal accomplishment, and we are all very proud of you, Billy!

Denny Erdley is into his second month at Signtronix and continues to show his talent and determination. In his first month Denny placed 8 locations! Wow! His specialties have been panel replacements, but he is now becoming versed in complete sign packages.

Mark Gowen has been up to his old tricks again placing signs with previous customers! Learning the trick from DM Brad Whistler, Mark continues to be successful with both old and new customers!

Herc Riggle maintains a steady stream of sales due to his great rapport with his clients and an unyielding positive attitude!

DM Brad Whistler is leading his District by example achieving #10 for Volume and #5 for Contracts for April’s top ten DMs!


South Carolina Rebels

DM Connie Johnson continues to rock! She had a great month in April, which included G-A-W’s and G-A-D’s and two weeks of the month spent in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC.

Among the new recruits was Dave Kunkleman. When Dave came in to do his presentation for his sample, he had a partner. His wife, Deanna, had also learned the presentation and wanted to audition for a sample! She did great and so the Kunklemans headed out to start two Signtronix careers to support their four young sons (and one on the way). They are both doing great!

RM Wes Shealy leads his Rebels by placing a Double Faced 2-line 8ft EMC to a Convenience Store and Restaurant with LED gas price signs!


St. Louis Road Warriors

Dwight Kossman and Brandon Gither, of DM Ron Gither’s District, have been hitting the pavement hard! Their goal was to sell a sign to a sign company. Victory was theirs! An 8ft Message Center is heading out to their local sign company! They also placed several other locations recently. Dwight is currently on the road showing off his new baby to the relatives and has sold 2 signs in 4 days! Brandon also sold to a business no one else could get into!

DM Ron Gither had a great week! Three deals in four days, two free signs placed with over 7,200 going in his pocket! During a rough week, Vernie Boren told him, “Go visit a customer, see how they are doing.” Ron stopped into a restaurant he sold to a year ago. He was having a nice talk with the owner of the restaurant when the owner’s father came out. The father proceeded to tell Ron that his son owed him MORE MONEY since business was going so well! “The sign was bringing in money hand over foot,” the father said. With a boost of energy, he proceeded down the road to a Pet Store and with his confidence up he left that Pet Store with a contract! Since then five deals have followed within nine days.

DM John Marty was showing new dealer (and youngest son) Tony Marty how to farm a street when they came upon an old Signtronix customer who had taken down his sign. “It served me well for eighteen years, but I never liked the location of it,” said the owner. Turns out the owner wants something newer and bigger! John and Tony walked out with an order for a Model 412 vertical, a Channel Designer and Channel Letters totaling 11,350! John then instructed Tony in the proper way to cash a 2450 commission check.

The McNeals are real warriors! Together DM Tim McNeal and son, Seth McNeal, are taking the Midwest by force. ISLED’s, EMC’s, Big Signs and Little Signs, the McNeals are putting them all to work for small businesses and reaping the benefits of an immediate paycheck! Keep up the great work McNeals!

Bryan Smyth and Lloyd McCuistion both started up the month of May with two full color EMC’s, both sold separately, in the same town, on the same day, both one call closed. The two 9,000 sales each paid the respective dealers, 2,500 in commissions! Ron English has written two 6ft EMC’s, two Model 46’s, two Model 326’s, three LED 40’s and an ISLED-50 in the recent weeks! Also, we are thankful that Lois English is back on the road to recovery.


Atlanta Bulldogs

The Atlanta Bulldogs would like to officially promote Jamie Scott to “BIG Dawg”. Jamie has been a part of our team for 2 months now and has turned in 15 contracts! Jamie is happily married with three adorable kids. He just got this business right from day one. He knows his presentation as well as most veterans do. Jamie loves being able to spend time with his family and still make a lot of money. We are so happy to have Jamie as part of our team. He is well on his way to the top!

Veteran “Big Dawg” Billy Bobb is living it up. Billy’s continued success has allowed him to do a lot of things he could never do before. He has recently upgraded his vehicle, flew to California to visit with his daughter and went on a cruise to the Caribbean. Billy has a flawless presentation and builds value into our signs allowing him to add a ton of overage, which makes for a bigger paycheck.

The two newest additions to the team are Sam Cook and Bob Emfinger. Sam placed an LED-40 for his ice breaker and last week helped a customer with an 8ft EMC. Sam is a true professional and has what it takes to be at the top. Bob helped a business owner with a 6ft headliner and a 6ft EMC.


Pocono Mountaineers

RM Dennis Giacobe was training his Mountaineers on selling with Value and not the Price. He finally got out in the field and stopped by an ATV Shop. The owner was from Australia and had quite an accent. He told Denny he should talk to his wife, Debbie (who was also his partner). He ventured next door to the wife’s Antique Shop and lit up the LED-40! She went crazy and had to have one! The husband told her to verify who he was before she made any commitments. The wife called the 800 number and spoke with Sarah Ramsay at the front desk. She quickly described Denny right down to the Italian/ New York accent. With that, the contract was written up for an LED-40! The husband said he was going to need one as well, “My wife will never let me get my hands on her LED once she has it programmed!” TWO LED- 40s coming right up!


Seattle Storm

A Seattle Storm Hits the Pacific Northwest!

The newest region in the great Pacific Northwest is “THE SEATTLE STORM”. Regional Manager Vicki Henry, would like to welcome new dealers Doug Jacobson, Don Icenogle and Walter Farmer. After the indoor training, Walter Farmer was working in the field with V.P. of Sales Bill Henry and got his icebreaker with a pair of 8ft EMC’s. Nice job Walter! What a great first commission too! Look on your radar tracking device and watch for the mighty “Seattle Storm” to blow in. Vicki would like to thank the home office staff for all of their help and support in making the opening of “The Seattle Storm” office such a success. Good luck, and we look forward to sharing the 5-day forecast for the Seattle Storm very soon!


Red Hot Peppers

New RM Dave Pyeatt opens Tucson, Arizona Sales Office. Now the home of the “Red Hot Peppers”. Dave Pyeatt has begun hiring for his new Southern Arizona Red Hot Peppers team. This new RM’s extensive experience in sales and management will undoubtedly lead his team to great success in the Signtronix family. With mentor Roger Pelton, he is ready to prosper! Dave spent many years in plastics manufacturing, so his trip to the factory was of great technical interest. He has managed sales teams throughout the West and across the US in several industries and is a US Navy veteran. Pyeatt and his wife, Kelly, live in Green Valley, AZ, halfway between Tucson and the Mexican border. Ole’!


Georgia Golden Eagles

RM of the Georgia Golden Eagles, Joel Froeschle, is training more Eagles to leave the nest and sell! James Johnson sold an 8 ft. Message Center to a Cabinet Shop in front of a new trainee. Great Job James! Joel has completed classroom training with new Eagles, Bill Elstun and a very sharp woman, Doanya Harris. We are looking forward to the Eagles breaking the ice!

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