Sep 28 2011

The Signtronix ROUND UP

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The Alabama A Team is rolling along, building momentum and cashing in while helping businesses, helping each other and having fun. Scott Bowman cashed in his bonus sign and went car shopping with over 4,000 in his pocket as deposit money. With the added space his new Ford Explorer afforded him, he was able to pack his samples AND his family for a “working vacation” to Missouri to see his daughter and grandbaby. RM Ron Gither said, “We are sure he will come back with a bunch of memories and contracts.”

DM Brandon Gither took his girlfriend Mindy Duby out in the field with a ton of success. Several businesses are waiting for their new storefront images including a Dog Grooming Salon, a Beauty Shop and a Tint Shop.

Dustin Gither hit the road with his dad, RM Ron Gither, and had some fun in Texas and Louisiana. This trip adds two more states to the total worked by both dealers; 16 for Ron and 13 for Dustin. “It’s not quite as impressive as Steve Ingemi’s accomplishment, but a nice start.” After helping an Interior Lighting and Design Business with an LED-40 Dustin and Ron helped a Vision Store with an ISLED-40 combo and an Auto Repair Business. The trip ended with Dustin’s first preferred lease at a Restaurant on the Bayou in Louisiana. Ron and Dustin had a great dinner with an incredible view of the Bayou at their customer’s restaurant to celebrate their success. Referrals pay off!

The Gither family got together to celebrate Brandon’s 27th birthday, but Crystal couldn’t be there as she was driving her grandmother Cathy down to Alabama. Crystal and her grandmother will now be roommates in Gardendale, Alabama. Zach came down to help the family with the move and perhaps he will join the family business when he gets out of College in Illinois!


RM Taylor Hall would like to congratulate DM’s Marvin Paige and Craig Jarrett on their excellent leadership skills. Marvin Paige has been in the New Orleans area helping businesses everywhere he goes. He is on a quest for his second Sijan Award. He has started off strong and we are all anxiously waiting to see how his journey will end! Marvin is extremely focused on lite-ups and helping the customer.

Craig is leading his District in Tennessee. He has been extremely active in the field and placing locations to go along with his efforts. He continues to work with the new Dealers on the presentation and how to get referrals.

Congratulations to new Dealer John Duncan on his Icebreaker with an ISLED-40, including lots of overage. John sells to the value, not the price. Good job, John!

Our thoughts and prayers are with The Hall Family. RM Taylor, Jenny and Cameron Hall welcomed their beautiful new baby boy, Brody. While he was born with some hurdles and obstacles, we can already see Brody is a resilient fighter at heart. We wish the entire Hall family the absolute best in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. The Signtronix Family loves you!


Kansas City Closers RM Jim Battaglia is proud of his CLOSERS! Miguel Ortega is back in action making calls and lite-ups. There is no such thing as a bad economy. Miguel placed an LED-60 to an Insurance Company so the business owner can advertise his products and services. He didn’t stop there as he also placed an LED-60 at a Mexican Restaurant. Miguel says there is nothing like fresh Chips and Salsa Fresca.

Hanif Khalil is back out on the streets of America! Watch out! Hanif placed an LED-60 combo. Hanif was the King of the Model 68/328 combos back in his day. Hanif says he needs to raise the bar for all of us!

Welcome back, Janelle Shivers! Janelle was a great salesperson and District Manager and the Closers are glad to have her.

Johnny “Two Blocks” Scott is working hard and keeping consistent on his lite-ups. Johnny only ventured two blocks from his hotel room and placed two LED-60 combos. Great job, Johnny “Two Blocks”. We are not sure if we should call him, Johnny Two Blocks or Johnny Three States. Thank you to all Closers for their hard


The Timberwolves congratulate Tim Logue and Andrew McDonald on well-earned ICEBREAKERS! Tim broke the ice on his own with a beautiful Model 46 and an LED-40 at a Restaurant. Not to be outdone, Andrew broke the ice with an ISLED-60 at a Pizza Shop. We’re looking for big things out of these two professionals and expect them to give DM Bob Hollen some serious competition for the top spot in the Timberwolves Region.


Once again, dependable DM Bob Hollen led the way. He placed a beautiful combo, a Model 46 and TWO 2-Line Tri-color EMC’s at a Landscaping Business. Then caught the owner of a Second Hand Shop who was in need of new ways to advertise. An ISLED-60 is on its way and an Edward Jones franchise is looking forward to their ISLED-40.


While showing Andrew McDonald the ropes, Bob called on a Restaurant and placed a Model 48 crown with TWO 2-line 8ft EMC’s. A CPA was in need of more exposure, but a new 8ft 2-Line Tri-color EMC quickly solved the problem.


Ryan Henry placed a beautiful IS-40 at a Full Service Salon. Then showed the owner of an upscale Jewelry Store the benefits of an ISLED-60. Next came an Auto and Truck Service who will be beaming all of their services on their new LED-40. Ryan also placed LED-60’s at a Liquor Store, a Gift Shop and another Jewelry Store!

Allan Jones is taking advantage of the referral program. He placed a Model 36 at a Seafood Grill. Next, came a Bar with a Model 68 and a Model 210. Both an Insurance Company and an Ice Cream Shop will be getting an LED-60. He has three pages of referrals where he can now make “warm and fuzzy” calls.


While DM Dave Rich was working close to home, he spotted a banner in front of a new business. He immediately did a “Signtronix U-Turn” and went in HOT. After “sparkling” the first two of three owners, they finally gathered the third decision maker and Dave wowed them with excitement and urgency. Dave quickly helped them make a great decision on a Model 412 custom Hybrid.

Meanwhile, DM Jesse Perez and RM Doug Clark were working together and walked into a high end Nail Spa. Jesse did a fabulous presentation for an ISLED-60. At first, the customer thought the LED was not the image she wanted but soon realized it was exactly what she needed to bring in customers. Interesting thing was that she did not want to split up the combo even though at first she thought the LED was too flashy. Jesse built so much value, that she knew she needed both. The very next day, the Dynamic Duo wrote up an LED-60 to a Daycare. And finally, to finish off the week, Jesse went out and wrote up another LED-60 to a Cell Phone Store. AWESOME JOB, ALLIGATORS!



Boston Team Eagle continues to battle back to a top ranking Region. RM Steve Ingemi, Jim Dobson and Drew Greene are making sure that happens! They have all been out in the field working hard to “lite-up” the Boston countryside.


For their dedication and strong work ethic, Steve decided Boston Team Eagle needed a little R&R and had his Eagles join in on a famous Ingemi family tradition.


The Annual Ingemi Pig Roast has been going on for years! The entire Ingemi family looks forward to it and the Boston Team Eagle Region usually makes a strong showing.


This year both Jim Dobson and Drew Greene jumped in with both feet. Drew even helped Steve rotisserie the pig! A good portion, but not nearly all, of the Ingemis were able to attend, including three different people named “Steve Ingemi” and FIVE generations were represented. WOW!


RM Steve Ingemi said, “We love sharing this event with our Signtronix family as well. Italians really know how to party. Everyone had a great time, except maybe the pig! Some notable moments from the day were my grandson Calvin driving the Pig Mobile and a new tradition, the Pigyata!”



















Pennsylvania Liberty Bell RM Joe Brewer met up with St. Louis Road Warriors Seth McNeal and Tim McNeal outside of Washington DC for a week. Nothing happened on Monday; however, on Tuesday Seth and Joe placed a set of Model 48 Panels with Custom Art to a family owned Auto Repair Shop. Back out on Wednesday Joe teamed up with Tim as they wrote an LED-60 Combo to a new Spanish American Restaurant that was not open for business as yet. The bad news is that the air conditioner broke down and it was 104 degrees inside the business. However, the good news is that they got paid in CASH! Cold Hard Cash can really cool things off. Nice job, guys!


Joe and Rosemary Brewer enjoyed the Steely Dan Concert in Bethlehem, PA to celebrate Joe’s birthday! It’s always fun times with the Bells!


While in New Mexico visiting his wife’s family, RM Michael Wolff made a call to a Mexican Restaurant. The owner had been visited from a Signtronix Dealer about a year ago, but she just wasn’t ready. How come she was ready now? She was ecstatic about the opportunity to put photos of HER FOOD on HER SIGN! Michael explained some of the new technology and she was sold!


They say timing is everything. In this case it might be, but artwork made the sale. A huge shout out goes to Lance Smith in the Signtronix Art Department for his help on this amazing rendering. The customer was blown away. A new D/F Model 48 is on its way to New Mexico where it will SELL its weight in yummy Mexican Food in a flash.


In the first week of August, while enjoying the more temperate climate of Colorado, Michael Petty played the starring role for the Gunslingers. Michael placed a set of Model 68 panels at an RV Park. Next, he placed a Model 46 at an Event Center. Then he changed an old Ultra Tech into a showcase of our new Crystal-lite look. Finally, he made a placement for the fourth consecutive day with an IS-60 at a Hair Salon.


Michael Durham found a great location for an ISLED-60 at a Dog Grooming Salon in a small town west of Houston. Edward Snow was able to locate a DF Model 58 and a pair of 3-line 8’ Tri-color EMC’s at a Veterans Lodge in the Rio Grande Valley.


Rounding things out for RM Joel Pelton’s hard-charging group was the placement of a new set of Model 48 panels on an old Gulf sign at a Bar and Grill by new Dealer Clay Sultemeier. Way to work the program, Gunslingers!


The Arkansas Travelers reported “Record Breaking” temperatures were broken in the Midwest during July! It’s not only the outside temperature, but the internal temperature of this new region.


RM Kirnan Lewis reports they have raised the thermostat by 50% in the month of July! That’s right, they had a whopping 50% increase in production over their last record breaking month of June. “We are not setting the world on fire. I think the real temps are doing a good job of that!” Kirnan said. “We are looking for consistent growth by getting ourselves into solid activity. When our activity increases, naturally our production also increases.”


Kirnan also added that they haven’t been sweating quite as much since they have been spending 50% more time standing in lines at the Bank! Rick Rossetti is correct in saying, “It’s ALWAYS a cool 72 degrees in bank buildings.” Thanks for the advice, Rick!


Congratulations to Seth and Sarah McNeal on their recent wedding! The celebration was grand and the exit was a Signtronix event – notice the LED expressing “JUST MARRIED”! We wish you the best in the many fun-filled years to come.

UTAH HAWKS                              .

Utah Hawks have been soaring high in June and July. Sheryl Leavitt has been on fire placing one location after another, writing over 100,000 in dollar Volume. Way to go, Sheryl! You’re doing such a great job! John Herring is also doing a wonderful job building the value and placing several locations with high dollar volume.


RM Tim Bailey would like to welcome new dealers Linda Reed, Mark Hersterkamp, Della Dimmitt, Loretta Murphy and John Roesener.

Loretta got her Icebreaker with a D/F Model 38 to a Propane Dealer. But, she didn’t stop there! That same evening Loretta placed a D/F Model 45 and an LED-60 to a Bar and Grill. Great job, Loretta! Tim Bailey would like to thank RM Jeff Van Horn and Marty Hagemann for their great field training! And, as always, thanks to Roger Pelton for an awesome week of classroom training.


RM Buddy Swisshelm has been out in the field with DM Dave Howard and his team with phenomenal success. While with the big boss, Buddy, Dave Howard placed SIX 3-Line Tri-Color EMC’s! Three different businesses will be enjoying better customer communication and a more professional image.


New Dealer Dan Meumann sold a set of panels today and is doing a fantastic job in the field. Chris Deborn sold his first set of FULL COLOR EMC’s today! Nice follow up to yesterday’s Tri-Color unit, Chris!


These Steel City Eagles are taking full advantage of everything the Home Office is offering, both products and sales!


New Mexico Roadrunner RM Andrew & Alison Howe were extremely honored to witness the marriage of Miles McNiff and his beautiful bride, Ophelia. We would like to share in their joy and welcome Mrs. McNiff to our Signtronix Family. Congratulations, Miles & Ophelia!


The Nashville Katz had a wonderful month! First off a BIG congrats goes out to new Dealer Tyler Eckenrod on getting his ICEBREAKER by placing an ISLED-60 at a Vet Pharmacy and putting BIG money in his pocket! Way to go, Tyler! We know we will be hearing much more from this “Champion in Training”.


Eddie Ballis stepped up to the plate with an LED-40 at a Tobacco Store. This was Eddie’s 5th lite-up of the day. Number five works every time! Eddie continues to work hard and is really assisting the new folks in Nashville. Nice job, Eddie.


Janet Kruder focused on really helping out a small Hair Salon. The customer only has 3½’ between the two poles to put a sign so Janet showed her a Model 36 vertical. It fits perfectly and will look AWESOME. Bring on the new customers!


The Trailblazers have worked extremely hard to get to the level of success they currently have, but they are never a Region to stand still, even at the top. The Region as a whole is fanatical about training and practice. Even with lots and lots of field training and individual studying, RM Lance Pelton likes to bring together the entire Region a couple times a year to share their tricks and trades with the group. With the large and growing amount of Trailblazers, there is sure to be a LOT of stories, a LOT of motivation and a LOT of learning.

Pictures above capture just a few moments from their recent meeting as an entire Region.

In other Trailblazer happenings, The Race To The Top (TRTTT) Contest was and IS one of the most exciting contests the Trailblazers have done in recent memory! RM Lance Pelton said the word “IS” because it’s not done yet!

In a dramatic finish Jared Castillo and Nick Trevino have tied in their quest to reach the summit first. Since a volume tie-breaker wasn’t included in the rules of the contest, the only fair way to determine the winner is to go one more week. So, Jared and Nick are going head-to-head for one week to see who will be the ULTIMATE CHAMPION.

Nick has drawn first blood with a two-point play consisting of a Model 38 and an LED-40. Who will win? Stay tuned for a little longer, and you’ll find out. The final week should be very exciting as these two heavyweights battle for “King of the Mountain.” Stay tuned!!!


The contest so far has included notable achievements by many members of the Trailblazer Nation. The most exciting story line is the work ethic and achievements of Earnie Bailey. This rising star put up a great fight in the contest and only lost out by 3 points to some powerful veteran dealers. He’s one to watch as is evidenced by his three orders so far this week for a total of four 4-line 8’ Tri-Color EMC’s. With Earnie there’s sure to be more on the way as he is determined to cash in on a free sign in August. Not only is he a great dealer for Signtronix, he’s also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.


Cheryl Zimmer, recently and deservedly promoted to DM in August, is one of the most consistent and talented members of the Trailblazer region. She is out to prove she’s got what it takes to lead. Her first order as a DM was a Model 46 to a Florist Shop. Congratulations Cheryl on all your achievements and the ones yet to come!

Jared Castillo has already placed a set of 3-Line 8’ Tri-Color EMC’s so far this week and is looking for much, much more.. Keith Ives is determined to make August his best month ever (and that’s saying something). He’s already started out with a Model 46 to a Pawn Shop. The owner was so happy he gave Keith two other referrals and he’s on his way.


Congratulations Trailblazers on the way to another VICTORIOUS month!


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