Oct 17 2012

The Signtronix Round Up Part 1 – Signtronix

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Pennsylvania Liberty Bells


RM Joe Brewer just got another Icebreaker in the Liberty Bell region! Bob Thompson is the newest member of the growing Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Region. He made a great presentation and built incredible value for the owner of an Auto Body Shop. The excited owner is looking forward to the new Model 46 southwest center pole mount. Great job, Bob! Keep up the great work!

New Liberty Bell Dealer Jeff Waltrich and his wife, Liz, hosted RM Joe and Rosemary Brewer on a visit to the Sand Castle winery in Bucks County, PA. They had a wonderful time and even were able to “wine ‘em and sign ‘em” together.

Also on the lookout for something fun, Joe and Rose were biking when they came upon the Pennsylvania Live Steamers Club in Schwenksville, PA. They were invited to ride on a beautiful steam train made to 1/8 scale. Rose and Joe always seem to find an adventure! Dominican Republic brought out a long standing and friendly rivalry between two very talented guys. Nearly 20 years ago, Buddy Swisshelm was #1 with Joe Brewer a close #2. Buddy had shirts for everyone made that read “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Buddy is #1, Joe who?” Since Joe’s return and quick rise to the top ranks, he thought what better way to challenge a friend than with custom made shirts in Punta Cana that read, “Red Rover, Red Rover, “Buddy Who?” Move Over! Brewers Back!” Needless to say, they were a hit. Everyone had a good laugh, but the competition is on in 2012! Best of luck for these talented rivals.


Nashville Katz


Nashville Katz’ month of May started out with a bang! DM Tim Roche helped out a Gun Store owner who is a retired police officer with a simple but effective Model 28 using a BIG GUN and the words gun store on the face of the sign. Great 1st read sign!J.C. Shiver needed a super rush order on an LED-60 at a Home Decor Store because they needed it desperately for their grand opening! Who ya gonna call? A big thanks to Tommy Boren for his assistance in getting the sign out FAST! Luke Allen is just back from a two week vacation cruise with his fiancée, Stephanie, and got down to business with a couple of locations. He wrote an order for a Model 48 panel replacement and a Model 46 at a brand new Convenience Store! Glad to have you back, Luke! Laura Leigh Thompson, aka “LL Squared”, changed out some Model 58 panels with a beautiful Hybrid for a Barbeque Restaurant.The owner’s logo has never looked a good! Janet Kruder got in on the excitement by placing an LED-60. The Katz are just getting started! WAY TO GO!

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