Oct 19 2012

The Signtronix Round Up Part 2 – Signtronix

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South Florida Hurricanes


RM Mike Carter is stealth and savvy when it comes to placing signs. But make no mistake, he’s a strong-willed individual that loves to help people succeed! You know Mike is out and about helping business owners when there are $100 dollar bills flying around. He said, “I love getting paid on Tuesday before NOON!” Keep up the great work, Mike! Every day that ends in “Y” is your payday!


San Antonio Gunslingers


The weather is heating up and ice is breaking in South Texas! RM Joel Pelton is proud and happy to announce TWO new San Antonio Gunslingers have broken the ice! Following the program taught by Joel in the classroom and demonstrated in the field by DM Daniel Reuter, Greg Carpenter placed new panels in an old Model 45 frame at a Hair Salon to jumpstart a promising Signtronix career.John McMillan found a Tire Shop with new vacuum-formed panels in a Model 510 but once he saw the benefit of our new Crystallite technology, he knew he had made a big mistake with his text-based sign. Rather than living with the mistake, he’s now anxiously awaiting the arrival of his beautiful new Crystal-lite panels. Speaking of DM Daniel Reuter, he hasn’t found his way to the top echelons of the District Manager standings by following others, so he led his Dealers by placing a set of 58 panels at a Pawn Shop and a DF Model 36 at a Hair Salon.

In another example of the alchemy of turning leads from Stacey Neill into gold, Michael Durham placed a pair of 6-line 8-foot RGB’s with a Real Estate Broker in the Heart of Texas. When asked how she found out about Signtronix, the customer replied she had done massive internet research on RGB’s and was not only impressed with our product superiority but also the overwhelming volume of positive customer reviews compared to those received by other sign companies. Hats off to our wonderful Technical and Customer Service Staff who have made these reviews possible and hats off to our many loyal customers who continue to be our best advocates! Evaristo Bermea is absolutely rocket propelled toward Senior Dealer status! In one week, he went from three contracts to SIX! RM Joel Pelton is proud and excited about Evaristo’s progress. He found great co-op partners with a SF Model 36 at a Hair Salon, a DF Model 28 at a Boutique, and a DF Model 45 Money Magnet at a Mexican Restaurant. Evaristo is a former schoolteacher, and he’s taking the other Gunslinger dealers to school! Clay Sultemeier joined in the fun with the placement of a SF Model 326 at an English Tea Shop. DM Daniel Reuter was able to wrap up his second Sijan Award by placing signs or panels at three more locations. First, he placed a SF Model 36 at a Barber Shop who was an old Signtronix customer. Next, he added Model 48 panels at a Fish Store and then Model 38 panels at a Tattoo Studio. A BIG round of congratulations goes out to Daniel Reuter for a GREAT accomplishment. With big smiles, the team heartily said, “It must be Lori’s influence!

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