Jun 22 2011

The Signtronix Round Up

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Memphis River Kings

The River Kings are taking their place on the Memphis throne. RM, Bill Young is excited about his new recruit and the promising future of this River King.

New Dealer Charles Teague knows light-ups pave the way to success. In his first week he placed a 4×4 at a private club. Best part about his first sale was the “paid in full” by a credit card on the contract. Rare for a seasoned dealer to get a paid in full, even better for his icebreaker! He followed that with a 4×8 for a furniture store. Charles gives a shout-out to the TAP representatives for their help in his week of sales. Bill said, “Charles is a very strong closer, and TAP did a great job to put him over the top on these first contracts”.



California Landsharks

Mauricio Salty

Dealer, Mauricio Salty is starting to put together multiples! After purchasing a new SUV with DVD (a real beauty), this veteran hit the road and walked into a nice order. The business owner had a successful restaurant and saw the value in the ISLED-40-4. Then he asked for a little better price if he bought 2 of them. Mauricio called Jim Callahan to see if there was anything that we could do for him. The call turned out to be the RIGHT thing to do. After getting off the phone with “Mr. Callahan”, the business owner went to get his check book. Mauricio counted 1800 commission!

The very next day he was back on the phone with “Mr. Callahan” to see if he could get a better price if this owner of a cellular store bought 4 LED-40’s. Mr. Callahan helped him as well ONLY if he bought all 4 TODAY! He did, giving Mauricio 1780 in commission. A total in his pocket of 3580 in 2 days. Cha – Ching!

Tim Schomer and Steve Werblum

DM, Tim Schomer casually turned in several contracts over the last few days, some in the 20,000 plus range. No big deal for a pro like Tim. Tim continually is working the numbers and never gets cheated when he does. Tim sets the pace for multiples along with King Pin, DM, Dan “THE MAN” Stanley.

DM, Ron MacLachlan started the trend toward multiples before hitting the road last week placing 4 ISLED-40 combos to one location followed by a couple “smaller” deals that keep coffee in his cup. Just kidding, of course. Every deal is a victory and that leads to the next one. When we talk about “small deals” they still put 500 to 700 in our pockets! I am sure that many hard working people would LOVE to experience a “Small Deal Day”.

Sherwood Weil

Joe Deutsch is focused on Cabo and steadily turning in contracts toward his march to Mexico.

Sherwood Weil is hitting the road to visit his daughters in the east. The day before heading out he stopped by to turn in a contract.


Arkansas Diamonds

Kirnan Lewis presenting ice breaker to Jay Allen with new recruit Rick Hendrickson looking on

Personal recruiting is a great tool for the Diamonds. Howard Foy’s region has consistently recruited and is committed to growing! DM Kirnan Lewis‘ sister, Regina, worked at the Springdale Ford car lot. During a mission to find a new car for Kirnan’s wife, Pixie, Regina introduced Kirnan to Jay Allen, their #1 salesman. Intrigued by Kirnan’s success which Pixie loudly publicized, Jay rode with Kirnan and saw him pocket 2204 in one day when he placed 2 eight foot EMC’s. Jay received his first icebreaker last week with an ISLED-40 and 400 in his pocket.

Chris Paschall is Jessica Foy‘s former boyfriend. Chris came to our regional Christmas banquet last year and was introduced to our Signtronix family. After some disappointments in his job as a truck broker, he called Howard. In a week’s time, Chris rode with Howard and watched him pocket nearly 4000. He’s studying now so he can earn his sample.

Add CC‘s brother-in-law, Buddy Yingst, to our personal recruit list. We have been recruiting him for over a year now. After a year of recruiting, Buddy and his wife Mary are coming aboard. Buddy has been in newspaper sales for over 20 years. Buddy has seen how Signtronix has changed our lives, from struggling to great success. Fortunately, Buddy and Mary (CC’s sis) desire to travel. They are selling their 4000 sq. ft log home and 40 acre estate, so they can be full-time travelers. Buddy is excited about being able to continue in sales and have a product that is tangible.

Finally we’ve also recruited Rick Hendrickson. Rick retired as general manager from a very successful car dealership in NW Arkansas several years ago. Since then, he and his wife, Nancy, have been working with real estate, evangelizing and traveling. Rick has been praying to find a sales position that would enable him to travel, have no terrorities, represent a worthwhile product and be involved with a company that has integrity. After several years of searching, God sent him a “sign”. Buddy Yingst, a new dealer himself, talked to Rick and introduced him to Howard. Rick had plans to head to Southern Texas, but after the talk about signs redirected his trip to join the team for training in Memphis.

Jeff Foy is back, tired of little pay for lots of work. He has learned discipline in the past year doing installs, and we believe he will work 40-50 hours a week and reach his goals with Signtronix!


Pensacola Blue Angels

Robert Prujan and Rick Rossetti

There are GREAT things going on in Blue Angel country! Its time to show the office renovation project RM, Robert Prujan and Rick Buchanan finished over Labor Day.

The Blue Angels finished their first hiring since tackling the office. The ROI is working as it has already paid for itself… just like a good sign does for our customers. Robert exclaimed, “we are pretty DARN proud of it!” New flight suits are being worn by John “Sparky” Kent, “Little Stevie Wonder” Maxwell and “Mr. Coffee his-own-self Vann Watson”. Sir Jerry Ezell has gotten past obligations out of the way and hit the street. He got in five lite-ups and is out to catch up with his new teammates.

The door is always open. Come on down and become a member of our Honorary Blue Angels Wall of Fame.


New Jersey Generals

Jim Foley, of the New Jersey Generals, has been feeling better in more ways than one! He has gotten over some health issues and has sold 11 contracts in 5 weeks! Several indoor signs, LED’s, panel sets and a 6’x8′ has put better feelings in his wallet! “Jim vows to continue his success,” said RM, Scott “Rock N’ Roll” Avery!



Wisconsin Wizards

RM, Tony McGuire

Tom Hook continues to lite em’ and write em’. Tom has been diligent on outdoor signs but has just sold his first pair of 6′ EMC’s. Good work Tom!

Martin Karl and Dan Baxter are new from our last hiring and have both already been in contact with TAP. “I look forward to much success from both of these new dealers,” said RM, Tony McGuire.

Dinesh Kamath is becoming more in tune with the one call close and his close ratio is higher because he is following the program.

“I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Rick Rossetti for his help this year with hiring. I appreciate his ongoing support to the Wisconsin Wizards Region,” said Tony.


Lone Star Rhinos

Carmen Rodriguez and Yvonne Leavitt

Carmen Rodriguez, RM of the Lone Star Rhinos, is looking for a few good men…or women. Carmen has been focusing on hiring in her region and with the extra effort is getting great people joining her team.

New Dealer Charles Miller received his Ice Breaker recently. He helped a furniture store realize the true value in a great sign. Charles asked the owners “are you ready to make a difference in your business?” and wrote up the sign. Charles is ready to make a difference in his own business. The Rhinos are anxious to see what’s next for Charles.

DM, George Farhat is setting a high standard for the incoming dealers. He showed them it’s possible to sell over 50,000 in one month! With his focus on making money and helping out businesses, George is leading by example.

A special greeting to Lynn Schumacher who celebrated his birthday recently! Congratulations on another fulfilling year with Signtronix!


Colorado Cougars

Brian Kornuth, Ray Clark and Buddy Swisshelm

Jaymes Ryan and I just wanted to go out and have some fun in the field,” explained Colorado Cougars R.M. Brian Kornuth. It didn’t take long to add profit to the fun. “We sold contracts on the first six lite-ups we had.” Jaymes soloed after that and was at 6 Grand in take-home when Brian reported on the fun.

Chris Green took time off to visit family in Tucson, Arizona but couldn’t pass up some towns along the way. He wrote three contracts on his way down there. Mike Drew is heading eastward, after writing up two contracts for LED-40s.


Steel City Eagles

Just because they say the owner isn’t “in” doesn’t mean your visit is over.

Buddy Swisshelm shares his experience and knowledge in St. Louis

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time, but without making sure you make all the right moves and say the right words your efforts may go unnoticed. Many dealers make the mistake of walking out the door without finding out more information that could help on the next visit or even THIS VISIT. Billy Runyan and Mark Gowen are hard working eagles and make sure they say the right words in the right places.

When Billy Runyan asked to see the owner a young lady politely said the owner wasn’t around. When Billy explained he was with the sign company that did the signs at… (Mentioned 3-4 other local business’) a strange thing happened. The quiet older gentleman listening from a distance came up to Billy and said “the owner just got in”.

Mark Gowen stopped into an auto repair shop with one of our Big Sigs. Mark asked the guy under a car about the owner and was told the owner just left. Asking more questions, Mark continued with, “Well, I’m with the company that made your sign out front. Do you know when he will be back?” The mechanic rolled out from under the car and declared, “He just got back!”

Earlier this month Billy had another order that all of the 9 owners could NEVER be found “in” at the same time. In 30 minutes they were all there… FATE? Dig deeper BEFORE you walk out. It may make your payday a lot larger and a lot sooner!

Billy has been working hard for a good reason; he and his wife Jessi just welcomed another baby boy. Zayden Gabriel Runyan can be seen on page 14 with other next generation dealers. Congratulations!


Northwest Eager Beavers

Melissa Gavin hit the streets running and had a good time meeting lots of new friends and sharing our new discovery with them. She was there to help her new friends and in turn, they helped her.

She canvassed one town, placing four signs in one week. The line-up was two ISLED Combos; a Model 34 and a Headliner, going out to four different types of business. Her total was 1,900. “Not bad for a week’s work,” commented the Northwest Eager Beaver star.


Carolina Panthers

New Dealer, James Bodenheim has spent time in the Carolina Panthers’ class led by Rick Rossetti, “showing incredible promise,” according to R.M. Panther Paul Shawley.

One thing James figured out for himself early on is if he gives up watching the depressing news broadcasts in the evening, he can make four more lite-ups a week and get one more contract. You’ve got to love it! James has been working in sales for a German company. He is looking forward to spending more time here in the states with his wife and two children.

DM, Bill Bennetti is a selling-storm! Paul Shawley sees his Carolina Panthers Superstar all the time, and “he continuously amazes me,” Paul said. Paul related the story of a fairly new dealer who had won a free Model 46. “Let’s go sell it,” D.M. Bill told his dealer, and they went out and in a short time had put the cash in the dealer’s pocket.

Both Paul and Bill have been working with fast-paced Panther Ed Kormendi, showing him how to get from “Hi” to “Where do you want it shipped” in 10 easy steps.

Another dealer in training, David Turner, has watched Paul and Bill in the field. He told Paul after seeing how he stayed with the program, “Paul, I’m proud of you. You stayed with the presentation. You said everything you said in class … the same with Bill.” And that made Paul proud, realizing that David was getting it – stick with the presentation and placements will be made.


Indiana Timberwolves

The Indiana Timberwolves are excited about their up-and-coming new dealers.

Bob “Spongebob” Hollen

R.M. Dave Grosmann said that D.M. Bob “SpongeBob” Hollen was at a futon and gift shop that currently has a Model 48 and two 8-foot EMC’s out front. “Anything I can do for you today?” asked Bob. The customers know how good Signtronix signs are, which is why they’ve given the Timberwolves several good referrals. This time Betty and Art Blankenship said they want to tell more people about our signs, so they decided to have someone else manage the business while they become part of the sales force. They have a story to tell and a strong desire to shout it out. Welcome to Signtronix!

Recruit Jim Byroad is looking like he’ll be a region leader in a short time and Bruce Miller’s sales background has Dave expecting big things from this pro.

Dan Eubanks, Bill Childers and Mary Ann Wilkerson

DM, Bill Childers set the pace in Indiana during October by capturing the #1 position in Volume for both District Manager and Dealer.


South Florida Hurricanes

Jorie Polokoff and Jessie Perez are doing fantastic things down South in Mike Carter’s South Florida Hurricanes region.

Jorie closed out her first week in the business with a Grand-a-Week! Her 2nd week in business got off to a roaring start. Jorie did eight lite-ups and didn’t finish up until SHE CLOSED HER THIRD CONTRACT! On her fifth lite-up, working solo (with TAP just a phone call away) she found a Greek restaurant that needed an LED-40. Two lite-ups later, Jorie visited a bike shop that not only wanted an ISLED-40 but realized that 700 above base was a fair price to pay for the anticipated return-on-investment. It was getting late, but she had to follow up on one more contact with the owner of a kitchen & bath remodeling company, this time joined by energized D.M. Dave “Richie” Rich. She finished up the lite-up in the owner’s kitchen closing on two LED-40s, bringing her total commissions for Monday to 1,785!

Dave “Richie” Rich was not about to be outsold. He had 1500 in his pocket from Monday and by Wednesday had 3500 in his hot little hands! Dave is setting a great example for his dealers!

The South Florida Hurricanes have an Icebreaker! Hurricane Jesse Perez recruited his son, Joe Perez, who was in the field with “Richie” Rich, when he sold them with an excellent presentation and his “Sunshine” smile and personality. That was what the customer called him, “Sunshine.” She loves the idea of having an ISLED-40 for the Lighthouse Café, a 20-year-old business she bought four months ago. Richie talked about the sunshine smile on Joe’s face, when he counted out 440 in cash.

Jesse Perez, accompanied by son Joe, made the most of Saturday. Jesse wrote two contracts, both for ISLED-40s, and took home 1,350 for the day.

There’s a major “Beat-the-R.M.” challenge going on and in the lead is Richie Rich. He scored a three-contract week. Mike Carter is out with his sample trying to keep up with his whirlwind Hurricanes!

Jorie said, “You have to love what you do. You have to believe in what you do.” The Hurricanes truly love what they do and believe in the Signtronix name. They continually show it in their enthusiasm and record breaking numbers!


Albuquerque Roadrunners

Miguel Ortega at the Adam’s Mark Hotel

Miguel Ortega of the Albuquerque Roadrunners is putting the time and effort into his success and contracts are following. For example, Miguel made 12 calls, talked with three owners, did three lite-ups and hit success on the third lite-up of the day! Miguel was visiting with a decision-making majority of the partners of a medical supply company and showed them a great R.O.I., 750,000 for the first year!

As you can imagine, they were sold even before they heard the Main Street pricing.  However, Miguel represents the Showcase Division of Signtronix, so he got Ali Howe of the TAP Program on the line. After one credit denial, she did not give up. She tried the other partner and got APPROVAL! But what about the third partner? Would he agree to a lease payment on two 8-foot EMC’s? Yes, he certainly would, especially if he could save the thousands he was spending on a yellow page ad each month.

What about the landlord who owns a restaurant on the property? What would he say? Give him some free advertising on the message centers, and they are happy as clams! Miguel went to the bank with over 1,700 in his hand. Ali Howe, RM of the Road Runners, credited Miguel for sticking to the presentation, believing in the one-call close and for using the TAP program.


Georgia Golden Eagles

James Johnson is back from “Down Under”. He’s back “Down South” after a 12-year sabbatical and back on the program with a vengeance. This new member of Joel Froeschle’s Georgia Golden Eagles had two placements last week. James was a member of Lloyd Allard’s New Orleans regional office in the ‘90s before departing for a career as a corporate interior designer. Welcome back!

Joel Froeschle and Wes Shealy

Joel is expecting lots of contracts from Bob Robinson, who has already put three notches on his Signtronix sales belt. Jim Dickson is another new Golden Eagle, who is learning that the presentation works.

Congratulations to Taylor and Jenny Hall who recently moved into their dream home. Taylor continues his hard work and dedication in the field so he can fulfill more dreams!


Texas Trailblazers

The Texas Trailblazers’ leading dealer year to- date, Macie Condra, continues to keep up his feverous pace. R.M. Lance Pelton reported in the past two weeks, Macie has written seven contracts amounting to more than 60,000 on his way to capturing the President’s Pin!

Macie wasn’t the only one getting off to a great start in November. Bill Conly placed a beautiful 510/38 combo that netted him over 2,000. Steve Harms, while field training, placed a great location at an insurance business. Will Welsh and Tony Charles placed locations as well.

Showing strong promise as a top dealer in 2007 is Lee Seim, who had another great week. He placed a Model 48 and an EMC bringing his commissions for the week for 2,300. Lance is expecting even greater things from Lee in the months ahead.

Tony McGuire, RM of the Wisconsin Wizards, sent along a few good words about Steve Harms. “Steve and I connected at the St. Louis Jamboree and arranged for him to follow me back to Wisconsin to get his focus back on what he does so well, selling.

Steve is working his way back home to a new beginning in his life. We’ll see him rise to the top again. Lite ‘em and write ‘em. Steve adds, “Working with Tony and through Tony’s motivation and watching how hard he works every day has been inspiring and triggered me to work even harder.” With that, he closed two contracts on his way back to Texas. “Working with Tony is helping get me to my optimum work ethic. I’m back!”



Rocky Mountain Golddiggers

R.M. Richard Truex of the Rocky Mountain Golddiggers was a happy man when former Dealer Dave Martin walked through the door and said he was ready to pick up the sample again.

Dave got some catching-up lessons and then was shown how it works in a fast and furious field-training session. The bottom line: Dave wrote up two contracts in quick succession. Welcome back! There has never been a better time to sell signs!


Florida Alligators

Doug & Jennifer Clark want to introduce The Signtronix Family to their newest family member.

Hannah Marie Clark was born on November 10, 2006, at 7:11pm. She weighed 6lbs 14oz. She is a beautiful girl. Her brothers, Christian and Jacob, are so excited and promise to be the best Big Brothers EVER!! This is Ray Clark’s 18th Grandchild. Both Hannah & Jennifer are doing great. See Hannah’s photo in Next Generation on page 14.


Perry Powell

Perry Powell represents the Signtronix products at numerous tradeshows focusing on car wash businesses. Perry is a dynamic salesman who has unleashed his new found talent in music!

Perry Powell on a recent visit to Scotland trying out for a street band!!!

In between tradeshows Perry found time to audition for a major street band in Scotland!


Nashville Katz

November is “Grand-A-Day Month” for the Nashville Katz!

Megan “The Gaxette” Gigax found a business that absolutely needed an ISLED- 50 and was ready to help Megan get a loud CHA-CHING and a G-A-D.

Jody Bailey set up an early appointment with a professional business woman who had priced 4×8 sign years ago for 7,000 and found that beyond her means. When Jody quoted her the Signtronix Main St. America price, she purchased two Model 48s at 1,800 above base!

Bill “the Gaxman” Gigax is leading his team by example and continuing to tell them, “Yes, the streets of America are really paved with gold and there is a lot more to come!”

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