Jul 03 2013

The Signtronix Roundup

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Get on the 160/52 Band Wagon NOW! Do all you can to make our 2013 goal a reality. Get behind CEO Tommy Boren and show him we can take action to help him and Signtronix succeed to new heights. Be a part of Signtronix history!

Our goal is to have 160 Dealers by the end of 52 Weeks. Let’s all get on board to “Make it Happen” and build our GREAT Signtronix Empire together. Make It Happen 160/52!

St. Louis Road Warriors

Jim Price scored his Icebreaker at a Café with DM Greg Haney. Antwain Pelmore got his Icebreaker with DM Mike Font and has written lots more business on his own. Brian Deihl broke the Ice while working locally in St. Louis.

After some field training with RM Jeff Dean, Russell Anderson got his Icebreaker at a Florist with a Model 36 on the day before Valentines Day!

New Dealer Lexi Peters helped DM Mike Font land a BIG deal at a Restaurant with a double sided Custom EMC and Model 612 Panels.

A BIG welcome to Kevin Wickheiser and Jeff Tynes! Kudos to Ron English, Jerry Brendel, Greg Haney and Mike Font. They are writing up a Road Warrior storm!


Florida Dolphins

New Florida Dolphin James Simonds broke the ice with an ISLED-40 3-line to a Flower Shop! The guy is a hard worker and ready for a rewarding career. RM Al Borgers is confident in James and enthusiastic about his future.

The entire Florida Dolphins team is swimming strong! The first six weeks of 2013 they have over $107,000 in volume with 33 contracts! Al Borgers and Don Heine recently wrote EIGHT contracts in FOUR days! Look out… these Dolphins are learning from the best and looking to BEAT the best. Great job! Look for the Dolphins in the Top 10 Regions this year!

Texas Trailblazers

Texas Trailblazers were #1 in Volume in 2012. They are showing no mercy as they begin 2013. Shane Montgomery placed a Model 36 and an indoor LED to a Tanning Salon and a Model 48 with a set of 4-Line 8ft Tri-Colors to another business. Chris Griffith wrapped up a great month with another two contracts. Dave Devaney continues to impress with two more LED-60’s to wrap up January along with a Model 58.

Nick Trevino placed THREE Model 58’s in two days and is just getting started for the month! The legend Earnie Bailey brought his wife, Kaitlynn Bailey, into the business and she has already written FOUR contracts!

Keith Ives is blazing strong. His goal is to be #1 in Contracts AND Volume for 2013 and he’s off to a great start!

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