Aug 09 2013

The Signtronix Roundup – Copper State Cool Rays

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The Copper State Cool Rays had a GREAT training recently. Jeff Howey presented some fantastic information on the new tablet and a couple NEW COOL RAYS received their Icebreaker pins. Jim Callahan was able to present Willie Drone with his pin in the Phoenix office and another one presented by RM Harold Weatherly. By the way, the new Dealer’s name is John Callahan! Cool Rays send a big thank you to Jim Callahan for his recent visit to Phoenix, “We learned a lot and it was impressive to our new Dealers.”

Cooper State Cool Rays are finding it pays to work on Saturday! Willie “Git r Dun” Drone worked on Saturday in the Phoenix area and placed a Model 48 Southwest sign to an Auto Repair. Willie put a “cool deposit” in his pocket and his Saturday paid off! Congratulations Willie for your persistence and determination.

In the meantime, Cincinnati RM Richard Houston was visiting the Cool Rays and working in downtown Superior, Arizona. He went in two doors, got two lite-ups and made two sales! Richard placed two separate IS-40’s. Great job, Richard! “You sharpened your sword in the city and now you are prepared for the smaller towns.

After that, Richard Houston went out and placed Model 48 panels. That’s three contracts in a row! Leave some for everyone else, Richard!

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