Aug 07 2013

The Signtronix Roundup – Steel City Eagles

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Congratulations to Dan and Tammy Meumann of the Steel City Eagles. They just welcomed a new baby girl, Liliana Tamryn Meumann. She’s beautiful! DM David Howard said, “They are a great family and we wish them the best on their new daughter.”

DM Frank “The Machine” Marzullo’s BEAR of a story all started with Buddy’s one-eyed brother. It ended with a BEAR HUNT to CANADA. Are you wondering what happened in the middle? Well, Frank started his day like any other… a 24 call sheet and a strong determination in his blood. He sold a set of Full Color EMC’s, but the owner wasn’t done with him yet. This is where the owner, Jack Swisshelm, the one-eyed, assumedly long-lost brother of Buddy Swisshelm made the sale interesting. Frank then traded a BONUS SIGN for FOUR guided BEAR

HUNTS in Canada! Crazy, right? Not for these guys. Frank and his sons are on their way to Canada with a one-eyed bear hunter! Jury is still out whether Buddy Swisshelm is a secret Bear Hunter too.

Bryson Lesczynski and Frank Marzullo sold a Model 46 flush mount. Frank and Herc Riggle sold a Model 36 to a Hair Salon as well. Things are heating up for the Eagles… except for the Ice Storms every week!

John Holmes BROKE THE ICE! Up and coming Eagle Jeff Bouvy and John Holmes were out working together when they stopped at a Car Wash. John wowed the owner with a solid, valued-filled presentation. This swanky Jamaican owner is excited for his new Model 48! DM Frank Marzullo said, “John is an absolute TROOPER! He worked very hard and we are really proud of him.”

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