Sep 13 2013

The Signtronix Roundup – Texas Trailblazers

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Even with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees, new dealer Bobby Carroll broke the Ice! His first placement was a Funeral Home with an existing Signtronix sign looking for a panel update. He also just wrapped up #2! An Auto Sales lot is super excited about their new Model 48 on the way. Bobby has all the ingredients to be a HUGE success with Signtronix! What ingredients are those you might be asking?

#1) He’s an Aggie fan! His weekend hobby is as a sideline judge at Aggie home games! Does it get any better? Nope!

#2) He’s a worker! He starts early and works late so look out!

#3) He has one of the most talented DM’s in the country to mentor him… none other than Kenneth Melton, aka The Bandit.

Arkansas is heating up too! Chris Griffith recently placed two locations. The first was an LED-40 and the second a set of RGB’s. Awesome! Tony Charles converted a Model 58 panel replacement into a Model 58 complete sign last week! He’s out looking for more owners to help.

Keith Ives is a man on a mission. His mission is helping as many businesses as he can be successful. Business is good as he had 3 contracts last week, and he’s just getting started.

Tyler Derebery recently wrapped up a successful mini road trip with two locations. One was a Model 48 to a Tattoo Shop and a Model 510 to an Auto Sales lot. Way to go, Tyler!

Will Welsh and his wife, Jaime, continue to travel around America. Will has two placements so far this week. One was a Big Sig panel replacement and the other a Model 34-52 Imagelite to a Beauty Salon.

The Bailey ‘Dynamic Duo’ of Earnie and Kaitlyn, are at it again helping business owners all over America. They both feel so fortunate to work with such an amazing company and very blessed to help so many owners! Their main goal this summer is to qualify for the San Francisco/Napa Valley trip with CEO Tommy Boren!

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