Nov 14 2011

The Signtronix Roundup

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Pensacola Blue Angels

RM Robert “Cappy” Prujan came home totally charged up from the annual Regional Manager’s Conference! New Pricing, New Products, New Art Guidelines and on and on! This new information made the decision very easy to pull the Team into Flight Headquarters for an All-Day Monday Meeting and share the exciting reports!

Great results have come of the new products and information! Three cars in the field on their first day out brought the exciting results of a contract per car! DM Rick “Buck” Buchanan and Tom “Notso” Williams scored a victory at an existing Signtronix Customer and added to his outdoor sign a beautiful ISLED-40 to help this Drug Store tell more people about his hidden products. Vann “Bubba” Watson found a Merle Norman Salon that needed his help and placed an ISLED-40.

The Captain and Djuan “Gator” Bragg found a New Beauty Salon that was the perfect customer for a brand New Model 46 Crown with Black Frame. This sign will make her the Landmark in her town!

New Product, Old Product… the beat just goes on and the Angels are looking for a Record Breaking Fourth Quarter and meeting their projected goals.

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