Feb 04 2013

The Signtronix Salesman has a Superior Plan – Signtronix

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From the Gulf/Signtronix Archives


  1. Most each day’s activities must revolve around 8 lite-ups.
    1. You must make 4 lite-ups “in town” and 4 lite-ups “out of town”.
    2. In town, and in your zone, make 2 lite-ups on one street and 2 lite-ups on a second street.
    3. Out of town and on your route, make 2 lite-ups in one town and 2 lite-ups in a second town.
    4. Saturday is the exception; 2 lite-ups in town, 6 lite-ups out of town (on your route).  2 lite-ups in each of three towns.


  1. Lite-ups should be pre-selected and arranged in groups of the five best calls on each street and in each town, prior to making three calls on each street and in each town.  This list of the five best calls per street and town should be kept current daily.  (This way, you are able to select your calls with a clear mind.  You are not distracted while looking for prospects with thoughts concerning the sale you just made or didn’t make.)
    1. Although you select five picture locations, you make only two lite-ups that day.  You save the surplus “select picture locations” until the next day.
    2. Each day, on each street and in each town that you work, the first thing you do is to supplement the uncalled on selections until you again have five prospects from which to finally select the calls you will actually make this day.
    3. This system of pre-selecting your calls allows you to:
  1. Give your prospecting better concentration.
  2. Prevents you from overlooking calls where no owners were found.
  3. Allows you to better study the same area each day so you can spot greater opportunities, find local needs and better personalize your sales talk.
  4. Allows you to have the psychological edge of knowing that you selected the prospect from others on your list and, therefore, are entitled to the courteous attention of the customer while you are talking to him.


This plan was put together by the “Best” so we know it works!  Give it a try… there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!


“Example is not the main thing in influencing others.  It is the only thing.”  ~Albert Schweitzer

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