Aug 30 2011

The Signtronix Year of Innovation Continues!

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The innovations are flowing at the factory! What does that mean for you? It’s simple. The more efficient the home office and factory is, the better our products and service will be. That’s incentive enough for us to master our domain as the best sign company in the business!

Debbie Nyeche and Debra Hazboun are the January and February winners, earning themselves each 250! Debbie Nyeche’s innovation of reusing and recycling paper throughout the office and factory will save Signtronix thousands of dollars. Debra Hazboun’s innovation deals with tracking invoices and parts. That change alone will not only save money, but help streamline the processes throughout Signtronix.

The Year of Innovations has just begun. Throughout the year, we will continue to implement new innovations creating radical and revolutionary changes in our thinking, products and processes. As Kozell Boren always says… we are “Innovators Not Immitators”. The year 2011 is proving and promoting that statement on a daily basis!

Keep your minds active, your hearts caring and your feet moving… keep the year of INNOVATING going strong in your neck of the woods!

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