Apr 01 2013

Victory Is Near – Signtronix

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With the onslaught of orders coming in from Taylor Hall and Seth McNeal, we are unable to announce a winner yet.  Ging Ging Ferraren and Jessica Boren are busy getting all their orders into our computer system so we can take the next step toward declaring a 2012 Tournament Champion.  Taylor and Seth have spoken with each several times over the last couple of days and both know they gave not just this last round, but the entire Tournament their all!  These young men are the showing us their excellence in representation of Signtronix and are setting “Gold Medal” standards for all to follow.  We are very proud of them and their entire families for this magnificent journey.

A BIG thanks to all of the Signtronix 2012 Tournament of Champions participants.  We know the Final Four of Taylor Hall, Seth McNeal, Jaymes Ryan and Buddy Swisshelm will all be setting sail very soon with Kozell Boren on theSummit at Sea.  Enjoy the ride!

The Signtronix Tournament of Champions and “Final 2” round is over! Tournament Champion will be announced very soon!

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”  ~Unknown

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