Jul 21 2011

What’s Your Signtronix Story?

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Every Regional Manager, District Manager and Dealer has a story of how they started at Signtronix. Knowing where we came from gives us a strong foundation to build on, to grow from and to know exactly where we want to go.

DM of the Pensacola Blue Angels, Richard “Buck” Buchanan… This is his story.

I would like to share my Signtronix story with my new Family and let you all know how it changed my life. I had 15 years in Man­agement in the restaurant business and had worked for four major chains when I decided that I needed to do more than just make people happy by sending them home with a full stomach and few laughs. In the grand scheme of things, I really wasn’t doing that much.

I decided at the beginning of 2006 that I wanted more out of my life. I decided that there had to be something more out there, if I would just look. There was this ad in the Pensacola News Journal that got my attention. A few hours later, after meeting Regional Manager Robert Prujan and Rick Rossetti, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Robert told me to “Buckle my seat belt because I was in for the Ride of My Life” and man was he ever RIGHT ON! It has been AWESOME!

I have made more good friends this past year than I ever did in the restau­rant business, and I am having a BALL! I know what I am doing now will have a long lasting effect on the business owners, their families and their communities for years to come. That is a feeling I could never get in my previous career.

I am looking forward to a long and prosperous career here at Signtronix, and I do appreciate everything all of my mentors have done to help me build my skills and make me better. And as I enter my second year, I look forward to the opportunity of working with my District Team and making them better so we can all grow together.

Watch out for the Blue Angels. Good Skills to All.

Richard “Buck” Buchanan

District Manager

Pensacola Blue Angels

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