Jun 30 2011

What’s Your Signtronix Story?

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Every Regional Manager, District Manager and Dealer has a story of how they started at Signtronix. Knowing where we came from gives us a strong foundation to build on, to grow from and to know exactly where we want to go.

DM of the Arkansas Diamonds Kirnan Lewis…This is his Story.

After 16 years of owning and operating a very successful Dental Laboratory in Northwest Arkansas, a very good friend who also ran a laboratory 10 miles from mine, approached me and my wife, Pixie, about a merger with our business. I was strongly advised against it by many, including my banker. Against the wisdom of many, the merger was completed thus creating a business that was in the top 5% of its industry. Due to entirely too much trust in friends, within two years our partners literally took everything we had built over the last 18 years, except the bills!!!

After losing it all, we managed to end the partnership and went back to our original corporation. However, after attempting for two years to rebuild my business, I realized I didn’t have the energy or the desire needed to do this. My spirit for the business had been broken, and I was burned out. But, my big obstacle was, of course, how to make a living, especially after living a lifestyle with a six figure income for over 20 years!!

A few years after opening my business, while Senior City Councilman in our little town, we hired our first Police Chief. He was a young man with a young family by the name of Howard Foy. Over the years, Howard and I and our families became best of friends. Howard and I grew to be as close as brothers. Eventually, our family’s lives took different paths. Howard took a job with the Sheriff’s office in Columbia, South Carolina, and we continued growing our Dental Laboratory.

So, after literally losing our shirts, I prayed for God to send something my way to support my family. I wanted him to send me a sign of some kind! I was desperate because I just couldn’t go back to what I was doing. Sales NEVER crossed my mind because I had never sold anything in my 46 years. So that was out of the question!! However, we were in a position that I had never been in before… unable to pay my bills and losing my 40 ft Motor coach amongst other things!!

Well, a short time later, guess who shows back up in Northwest Arkansas no longer a cop but in a new profession? Yes, Howard Foy, and he was doing very well SELLING SIGNS! Wow, I had been praying for a SIGN, so I had no choice but to believe this was from God himself! Howard, becoming the Regional Manager of the Arkansas Region, took me under his wing and shared with me what he knew. He was fearful because I had never sold anything in my life and if I didn’t make it, he thought my wife would never forgive him!

There is so much more to this story, but I’ve tried to keep it brief so “I don’t sound like a salesman.” Thus far, in my short 2½ year career with Signtronix, we have been blessed with the ability to get out of the debt that we created with the failed partnership and also to be more appreciative of what we now have. My first year, I was back into a six figure income, which is helping my wife and I overcome many of our past financial obligations. Since then we have been able to slowly create another six figure lifestyle but with this one we learned to do it using more wisdom! Since my first year, we have been through a lot with Signtronix, including one trip to the Bahamas and another to Mexico. I have traveled extensively around the country and made a couple of trips to the home office in Torrance, California. My only regret is that this chance did not come my way twenty years earlier. However, it did come at the perfect time.

I thank God ultimately for this opportunity but must give my wife, Pixie, much credit for my success. She is the one who said I could do this because I have successfully sold myself for the last 20 years in business and could do the same thing with Signtronix. It would take a book to tell how she has been my rock through so much that has happened in this short time but to her I just say, “Thank You, with Love.” Also, much thanks to Kozy Boren, for his vision 45 years ago, not having a clue how it would someday impact and be the answer to a prayer for a man and his family that you had never met. There are many others to thank, but none more than Howard and CC Foy. Words totally escape me for these two and their family over the last 15 years, so I will try to express all that Pixie and I feel by simply saying THANK YOU. We look forward to many more years of kinship and working together.


Kirnan Lewis

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