Oct 07 2011

What Are YOUR Customers Saying?

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Submitted by Ron MacLachlan,

California Landsharks

Ron MacLachlan sold the second of two Signtronix signs at this location. RM Jim Callahan sold the original outdoor sign nine years ago. The owner now has the huge advantage of allowing her sign to speak Spanish to her customers. Owner, Marcela Ruezga was so pleased with her new EMC she wrote testimonial letters in English and Spanish for Ron.

Immigration Multiservices

Marcela Ruezga

1219 California Ave.

Bakersfield, CA 93304

661-633-9664 Fax: 661-633-9665


Dear Friends,

We at Immigration Multiservices would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business support and outstanding innovation in products that work for a great way of advertising for my business. Also, I’d like to show our appreciation for the new sign I recently bought from Ron MacLachlan, representing Signtronix. This is the second sign I have from your company. The first one I got nine years ago.

I have decided to have a second electrical sign because this one is for indoor use, not heavy, the right price, high quality, great appearance and because this is an EXCELLENT WAY OF ADVERTISING!!! I choose what I want to say to my customers in the different seasons of my business year in Spanish and English. I have new customers just because they see the sign. In a few words, THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME IMPROVE MY BUSINESS!!!

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